Samsung Galaxy S Dominates the iPhone 4 in Japan

The Samsung Galaxy S has been a wildly popular phone, gaining a spot on all four major carriers in the United States. But what about outside the US? In Japan, things have turned out quite well for the Android powered phone from Samsung. The phone has done so good that it has eclipsed the sales of Apple’s iPhone 4 in Japan. The fact is even more amazing when you factor in how long the Galaxy S has been on sale in Japan. The device was released on the 28th…of October. The Galaxy S has sold more in its opening week than the iPhone 4 has. Truly remarkable, and a sure win for Android.

Source: BriefMobile

  • farmerwu

    Are you sure about this data?
    If you look at Mobile Brief, the source for this, it just says that for the week of Oct. 28 Samsung Galaxy S outsold iPhone. For the week. Seems like a newly launched device will sell a lot its first week then slow.
    Good for Samsung, but not exactly a blow to Apple.

    • cece

      Sure, I am quite fed up with all these fuzzy stats.
      You never can really know what is compared, and conclusions are not reliable.

      I first thought that this one was a bit flawed since it compared the first week of iPhone 4 sales to the first week of Galaxy S (interesting, but far not enough to state “Galaxy S dominates iPhone 4” !).
      But it looks like it may (?) even be worse, if it is from numbers comparing first week of Galaxy S sales versus iPhone 4 sales the same week (ie. months after it was launched, and already bought by many).

      • Roger

        There’s only been one week on the books to count. The first week of November hasn’t finished yet!

        It isn’t fuzzy statistics. The Galaxy S literally beat the iPhone 4 out of first place. The iPhone’s been in first place for 18 weeks in Japan… the Galaxy S broke that stranglehold this week.

        • Come on Roger… the data did not include sales of the iPhone 4 16GB model. Or do you also consider that to be a different phone?

  • The Galaxy S is such a nice phone.

  • Stan

    Well the galaxy is definitely an iphone killer in my books. Good on Android. We’re headed in the right direction.

  • Benjamin

    The only carrier that offers iPhone in Japan is SoftBank, which has a relatively small customer base and not as extensive coverage as its competitors. The Galaxy S was released by Docomo, which is one of the two main providers (the other being AU). Thus, the Galaxy S probably has a much larger customer base.

    Also, if you’ve ever had a cell phone in Japan you must know how expensive it is to buy even a standard non-smartphone. This is especially true for Docomo. The Galaxy S’s pricepoint is just slightly above this price, but adds on a lot more functionality. I think these sales results should be expected

  • Dude, lame conclusion. The Galaxy S beat out the 32 GB iPhone, but not the iPhone in general. The iPhone is automatically disadvantaged because, unlike other phones, in these ratings it is divided into two “products” by the capacity only (16 GB and 32 GB). The Galaxy did not displace the iPhone, it displaced the more popular version of the iPhone. The iPhone takes both the #2 and #3 slots, and according to Chosun Ilbo, taken as a single product, it outsold the Galaxy S–even though the iPhone has been out for about 4 months and the Galaxy S is being pushed incredibly hard in an advertising campaign you see everywhere nowadays–train ads, TV commercials, print ads, etc.

    This kind of story is akin to the perennial “Walkman Outsells iPod” story that inevitably pops up for the one week before the iPod refreshes when the previous iPod stock depletes and people hold off buying until the new model comes out. Seriously, get with it.

  • Amazing… sales figures for cell phones are starting to look like dirty politics. Separating sales of iPhones based soley on memory capacity is just imbecile. They are the same phone. Be happy Galaxy S, you won… you kicket butt. Yeah Right! If you’re going to outsell Apple then at least be honest about the numbers.

  • And now the following week’s sales numbers have been released. These are the first week’s numbers with full start-to-end sales of the Galaxy S.

    It dropped to #5.

    The iPhones regained the #1 and #2 positions–meaning that the iPhone overall is selling more than double the number than the closest competitor on the list.

    That was a short ride at the top for the Galaxy, wasn’t it?

    And gee–I wonder if this will get a fraction of the coverage the incorrect story got? Hmmmm….

  • Geobot

    Well I don’t know about the statistic’s validity, but I live in Japan, and can tell you that Docomo underestimated the number of Galaxy S sales, because I’ve had one reserved for over a month now and am still waiting for it to come in. They have a serious backlog of sales, so that might have some effect on the sales figures. I’m sure I’m not the only one still waiting.

  • timbucktoothed

    My wife’s cousine works in Samsung Japan. I really don’t know about the sales stats but she said both they and NTT underestimated the demands. She’s married to a japanese and knows japan so well that when Lee Jae Yong (the son of the chairman) visit Japan (his famous father was educated in Japan), she’s in charge of showing him around. When she met with Lee last time (drank togther in a group), he said he likes working with Apple and really don’t mind Apple be successful. Apple still would partner with Samsung in order to fabricate their CPUs, source memories chips and displays. Look, guys, Galaxy CPU and iPhone CPU are virtually the same. They use the same NAND flash. Many of the sensor chips are from the same vendors. Let’s not kid oursevles. The difference is not in hardward. It’s the software and support system like the app store and iTunes. Apple is way ahead of the game there. By the way, Super AMOLED is better ‘up and coming’ technologies over the Retina. I bet you that Apple will eventually turn to Samsung to supply them with top tier AMOLED screen for upcoming iPhones.