Samsung Speculates Galaxy Tab Will Cross 1 Million Units by Year End

I would really love to know what it was that caused Samsung to wake up. Let’s face it, their first couple of Android phones weren’t exactly terrific, and I think Behold 2 users are still wondering where their updates are. But suddenly, Samsung seems to have gotten it. I don’t know what caused it or when, but they got it, and the result was the Samsung Galaxy series. The Galaxy S phones have all four been tremendously successful, breaching 5 million handsets worldwide in a very short time. They went a little further, though, and made a tablet. If you haven’t heard about the Galaxy Tab yet, welcome back to humanity, friend. It’s an amazing little device that will make a lot of people very happy. How many people? Well, according to Samsung, over a million people before 2010 is over!

The Tab has already been released in a couple places around the world, and the US is getting an army of Tab’s very soon. Combine that with the gobs of hype and the fact that it’s the only “real” competitor to that OTHER tablet, it’s safe to say that the device is going to sell like crazy. The Galaxy S series broke a million in the middle of the year, before the Fascinate had even been launched. They are clearly quality devices and people like them. Plus, the modding community has taken a liking to it, doing crazier things every day with it.

Combine the solid reputation of their four phones with the positive reaction this device has already gotten, and it’s not hard to see how Samsung’s speculation could certainly become reality.

  • Haggie

    One million Xmas presents that will be obsolete by mid-January.

    Great marketing on Samsung to deliver this for Xmas buying season, but I’ll be buying my tablet with a better feature-set, better hardware, and probably 20-30% less expensive three months from now…

    • Russell Holly

      That’s probably true, though from the same perspective your featureful tablet will be obsolete in 6 months. Why not keep waiting until it wont be obsolete?

  • Pedro

    Galaxy S series — great hardware, sucky software. Lag, lag, lag. Why can’t they fix this?

    Hope Galaxy Tab doesn’t have same issues.

  • With the success of Samsung Galaxy S, I sure that the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be getting very much customers and people who are interest and ready to purchase it.