Sharp’s Brings 3D Screen Phones – No Glasses Required

I am still laughing at 3D. 3D home theatre TV’s are just kind of hilarious to me, and every time it gets looked at seriously I have to walk away. I would never EVER sit in front of my tv with those glasses on to watch TV. For starters I never JUST watch TV, I am always doing something else. Nintendo got the right idea with their upcoming DS3D which will not require glasses. Give me some of that, I can handle that. Sharp, it seems, agrees with me, but also thinks that more devices should be 3D. With this notion, they have announced a pair of 3D Android phones.

While some 3D movies and Software SHOULD be coming out at launch to support it, the 3D will likely only be involved in Sharp’s custom UI, the screenshots we’ve seen so far do not indicate that 3D will go any further than their software. At the moment, it’s new, which is awesome.The phones that are on their way are:

Sharp Galapagos 003SH

The 003SH is “simple” Android 2.2 3G Smartphone featuring a 3.8” multi-touch screen with a WVGA resolution (800×480) and featuring Sharp Mobile ASV display technology, as well as Sharp 3D Glassless technology!
The 003SH comes with a 9.60Mpix CCD camera with AF, a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU, 400MB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, GPS and the possibility to record 720p videos.

The 003SH will be available in three different stock colors including the Red, Black and White and a 10 other “limited” ones sold for the launch of this model.

Sharp Galapagos 005SH

Like the 003SH, the 005SH comes with Sharp 3.8” 3D Glassless display with a same WVGA resolution and the same basic hardware spec with however 512MB of internal memory instead of the 400Mb found on the 003SH, and a 8Mpix Camera module instead of the 9.6Mpix of the 003SH.
The 005SH comes with a flip QWERTY Keyboard and compact 4way directional pad.

Whether or not 3D will fully take over all of our screens, I don’t know. In my home, I’m still unconvinced, and on my phone it seems like since it can be disabled, so it will be fun to play with. In the mean time, slide those glasses back on and go catch up on Dexter!

  • The phone overall was very nice. Didn’t weight much and the touch screen was responsive. The Android OS ran well. I liked it overall. It being unlocked and cheap along with the Android OS made it a good buy I thought at the time. The problem I had was that while the features were nice I could not get the phone to update via the official tools. Others had this problem all over the world with this particular phone. Some had to wait for their cell providers to push out the update but those that bought it unlocked from various places had issues at the time. The choice I was left with at the time was to install the update myself. A process if done wrong could turn the phone into a paperweight. With no US warranty I didn’t feel safe in doing so. So in the end I returned it and thankfully because the device was fulfilled by I was able to get my money back. If I had the chance to buy the phone again but with the update already installed I would as I am a fan of the Android OS and did like the phone overall. However I would warn people that if they do want to update and don’t feel like taking certain risk to perhaps look for a different phone or one with a US warranty.