StumbleUpon Adds Android App Discovery to Repertoire

Image Credit: StumbleUpon

Today, the StumbleUpon blog is announcing that the StumbleUpon Android app has added an exciting functionality, app discovery for the Android Market.  Seeing the same issue with the Android Market that we and our readers have seen, the StumbleUpon staff decided that they were in a prime position to help with app discovery, since it really is a very important part of the mobile experience.  A quote from the blog post telling us how the added functionality is going to work:

This feature suggests apps you’ll like based on what apps you’ve already installed and recently used, what apps your friends on StumbleUpon like, and a host of other factors.

The good news is that if you already use StumbleUpon, it is a simple update to their existing app that adds app discovery. If you have not downloaded StumleUpon for Android yet, use the barcode below to go right to the download page. Have a good time discovering those apps!

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