Verizon Issuing Update to Droid Incredible Next Week, Adding V CAST Apps

We just received official word from Verizon that the carrier will be issuing an update next week to the Droid Incredible.  Among the features included in the release is the addition of the V CAST Apps storefront.  Verizon promised to deliver the store to Android earlier in the year, and this is the beginning.  One of the benefits of the app portal is the ability to add the purchases to your monthly bill.  A nice alternative to the Google Checkout system for those on Big Red.  Keep an eye on for more information.

We still have two reservations about carrier-specific stores.  First, what happens when a user decides to switch carriers?  The other, somewhat related problem we see is the potential for exclusive apps from developers.  What if Verizon, or any other provider, decides to dangle a money carrot in front of the next “Angry Birds” in order to lock them in?

Look for the V CAST Apps store to also hit the Droid, Droid X, Samsung Fascinate, and their upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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  • CJ

    Unless it fixes my abysmal battery life with the Incredible or brings the new version of sense I’ll be skipping the update.

  • -c

    Ugh… no thanx. If there’s a way to bypass this update, I’m going to.

  • I second CJ, where’s the new Sense UI?


    yea i am going to skip this update they already loaded all these apps with 2.2 that i dont need and they keep running and starting and u cant take them off dame skype and vz nav…
    something useful like new sense and battery life would be better i dont care for buying apps from them they already charge u for everything else


      Maybe you can help me understand something with my Incredible… I also have the WORST battery like. I bought about 4 extra batteries. Have the 1750 and bought the extended one with with the cover. SO what I have discovered and I see you mention. It seems the phone just starts apps on its own and THAT is why my batter life is so poor is that correct.? I start out with a fULL battery and go to the movies , dont even use my phone and when I come out. it shows 50%… Can you tell me is that correct.? Can I do anything about it? THANks SO MUCH

      • Motoxer

        If Im not mistakin, the droid inc. runs 2.2 in which case it only runs apps. in the background. Until your useing them. Task killers are a thing of the past and my droid x actually ran smoother and and I noticed an increase in battery life after I stopped useing them with 2.2. There are several things you can do to improve battery life. Making sure your gps capabilities are turned off unless your useing them. Also your background data option is off unless you run apps. that need it. The original dinc. had an l.e.d. screen that used way less juice. All the newer ones come with lcd. I run a control panel widget right on my home screen to monitor what functions I have on and also to have quick and easy access to those functions.

  • Kevin B.

    If I have rooted my Incredible and installed a custom ROM — will this update be forced on me??