Confirmed: Froyo Hitting Galaxy S

Samsung UK has officially started rolling Android 2.2 out to their beloved GT-I9000 Galaxy S handset.  According to their twitter account, the update has begun already and will hit everyone by the end of November.  We’re very curious as to what is meant by ‘everyone’ as we don’t imagine they are referring to us in the United States.  Still, this is promising stuff for those with a Vibrant, Captivate, Epic 4G, or Fascinate.  More information on the update can be found on Samsung’s support page.

  • Fica

    Any news re Australian rollout (Optus)?

  • Rory

    I can’t wait for it here in the US. The only problem is no one in their support department knows when it’ll be ready. 🙁 Of course I won’t feel complete until I have myself a tablet! 🙂

  • Davis

    Will the update give the SGS better resolution so it can compete with the iphone4? Compared to the damn I4 all these 800×480 screens look fucking miserable. I don’t even want my vibrant after seeing it next to the stupid I4. Plus I have a nexus one and the vibrants screen looks no better than my nexus. Yes the SGS display is nice, and if you’re coming from a lesser phone you might even think its amazing. But its no better than any other 800×480 HTC display. And don’t even look at an I4 you’ll sling whatever phone you have against the wall until no piece is larger than an I4 pixel, which is invisible. Im on my fourth android phone but if they don’t offer a hi Res display stat I’m defecting to apple I swear it.

    • Ashley

      Hi Davis,

      I heard that Gingerbread will support up to 1280×760, no idea if SGS will get gingerbread and if it will work that way because often it is a hardware limitation. As it is I would much rather an SGS with a lower-res screen than an i4.. frankly the other benefits of a SGS far outweigh the better resolution of the i4. Far outweigh.

      • Derek


        Seriously??? You think that having that measly increase in screen resolution would be worth giving up all of the freedom that you have with an Android phone? Root with Bionix on SGS Vibrant makes the I4 look like a device designed for a child or someone that just wants the Apple name and has no idea why they are buying a smart phone to begin with. Make up your mind; mindless Iphone user or unrestricted Android user.

    • wapkaplit

      Apple Troll.

    • Col

      I have shown my SGS i9000 to crApple owners and general response is the SuperAmo screen is way brighter and clearer than the i4.

  • Angad

    I got the jpp update after the news started showing up for the uk
    And guess what I stay in india.

    • Ashwin


      How did you get the update in india ?.. it doesnt seem to work for me?

  • lwalty

    This update from Samsung is not intended for the US customers. The US sim-lock carriers (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile) wont release their branded, unable to uninstall bloatware, versions by Q1 of 2011. I’m not kidding about it.

  • mike

    Nothing like reading a bunch of comments on an article from people who posture to know what they are talking about, and clearly don’t. I’m looking at you Davis & lwalty.

    • newo

      Like it, well said.

  • dave

    guys go to xda, there is a thread that will allow you to update whether ur on uk or not!!! I it im from philippines and it works fine on my SGS!!!!

    • Apple

      … Just so you know, my name’s not a reference to the Cupertino company; Hate their overpriced stuff :))))

      Anyway, I’m from the Philippines too, and I was just wondering…. Are we ever gonna have an official firmware release via Kies? ‘Cuz if not… I’m getting that gol-danged thing off my PC.

      Is the version available at xda the same as the one being released in the UK now? Like, is it just the vanilla froyo (LOL, that was unintentional), or has it been TouchWizified? I know some people prefer ADW or LauncherPro and stuff, but I seem to have gotten used to Samsung’s UI, so meh.

      How the JIT compiler working? Did the lag get eliminated?

  • Amithe

    I got the froyo update through kies. and i live in Sri Lanka.
    Its so easy and the performance is better now.