Firefox 4 for Android Gets Updated

Mozilla has posted on their blog that Firefox 4 for Android is being updated. They claim that they’ve increased performance, along with usability. Mozilla has said that due to the smaller install size, you can’t just update the beta app. You’ll have to uninstall the old version and then install the newer one. Is anyone using the new beta? How is it? Let us know in the comments, we look forward to hearing from you. (Full features after the jump).

Included in the list of improvements:

  • Reduced memory usage
  • 60% reduction in install size (from 43 MB to 17 MB)
  • Improved text rendering
  • Faster and better overall performance
  • New features, such as link sharing, undo closing a tab, and a cleaner, smoother theme
  • “Feedback” button that lets you tell Mozilla what you like or don’t like, so they can improve it even more in the future
  • There’s also mention of HTML5 plug-ins in the works
  • DeWayne Lehman

    Good, but still buggy, form input slow as hell. Posting this from ff 4b2, droid x 2.2

  • Andrew

    Doesn’t support pinch & zoom. Uninstalled.

  • ML

    I didn’t uninstall first and it worked fine for me.