Happy 3rd Birthday, Android!

Today officially marks the third birthday of Android and the Open Handset Alliance.  It also happens to be the third anniversary of AndroidGuys.  What a long way we have both come!  Well, one is better known than the other, but that’s okay with us.  We’re betting not many of you knew we started this little site out of the back of a T-Mobile store only a couple of hours after Google’s fated press announcement.

We’ve made some terrific friends and acquaintances over the years and have Andy Rubin to thank for that.  It has been nothing short of a pleasure to help provide a voice to Android and we look forward to many years to come!

While we wait for Gingerbread and Honeycomb, let’s have a piece of cake!

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In addition to smartphones and mobile gadgets, Scott has a deep appreciation for film, music, and sunflower seeds. A husband and father, he likes spending down time riding his mountain bike or binge-watching TV. Scott has overseen the day-to-day activities of AndroidGuys since 2007.
  • Eddie Android

    Happy Birthday Android! But hasnt Android been out for 2 years (2008 G1) unless I missed something?

    • shane0790

      That’s the first device, but the source code was released in 07

      • Eddie Android

        Oh thanks for clearing that up.

  • Its been a good 3 years. Android has seen a lot of great improvements and growth. I can only hope that Google decides to give us something special today. 🙂 Maybe a “sweet” announcement? 😛

  • Jay

    I still rememeber opening the box for my G1… and not being able to put the phone down for weeks thinking “yeah there’s a great need to improve the software but man this is so much better than the stupid dash”….my g1 an I went thru a lot … 1.5, 1.6 a couple of Map updates (navigation!!) We were lovers everywhere I went she was there(maybe not everywhere…thanks tmobile) giving me directions or helping find the next movie showing for superbad…but like everything does it had to end…not that I was ready to let go…but I was realizing that I wasn’t in love with the outside and it was what was inside that matter to me…so I had to move on 2.2 just looks to damn sexy……

  • Happy Birthday Android

    Can we have it show Persian Fonts please, I can say this in Persian to you instead of English.

    Tavalodet Mobarak

  • Happy Birthday Android!

    My gift to you is to nominate Android as Best Mobile Platform at Mashable Awards: http://mashable.com/awards/votes/category/20?c=20

  • Android’s birthday is the same day as mine so it must be good. Happy birthday to both of us!