Motorola Shows CITRUS on New Videos [VIDEO]

Motorola just dropped off a new YouTube video where they are showing the Verizon Citrus.  At only one minute long, it’s plenty long enough to show how the handset maker is evolving their touch-only Android smart phones.  Anyone a fan of this sleek yet somewhat husky phone? We’re waiting on Verizon to announce this formally, where it’s expected to run $30 after rebate.  There are three other clips on YouTube to help users get a feel for how to set up the Citrus – watch them here, here, and here!

  • Low-end Android phones always get a bad rap on the Android blogs but I kind of like them. Most people reading Android Guys are probably pretty serious about their Android devices and will talk down to the Citrus but this phone isn’t intended for those people. An Android smartphone fresh out the box at $30 is a great thing.