Claymation LG Optimus One ‘Ad’ Takes Swipe at Apple [VIDEO}

LG has put together a two-minute claymation video to promote the Optimus One line of phones.  The clip nods at a handful of cinema classics but not before it takes a jab at Apple.  The gal you see in the picture takes a bite out of a white apple and immediately falls into what we presume is a deep sickness.  We can see traces of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Terminator 2, and The Matrix.  Any others you can spot?  While you’re looking, let us know if you see anything that would sell someone on an Optimus One.  We can’t seem to.  At least Apple shows us all the wonderful, magical, revolutionary, incredible stuff their iPhone can do.

Found via Pocket Gamer

  • that’s bad on so many levels. . . what’s their marketing target age group? Ten and under?

    • Korperklaus

      don’t be so negative!

  • ChaosKiller

    I say Harry Potter for casting the spell

  • Renee

    Peter Pan

  • Zack

    Ooooh I bet Apple is SOOOO mad about this!!

  • RidoKilos

    I don’t like LG. This is making things worse. I don’t like apple either but I’m almost certain this crap doesn’t bother them at all…

  • That has got to be the worst piece of marketing I’ve ever seen. The board that approved that should be fired for letting that see the light of day. Nothing against the phone, it’s just the ad, it’s plain terrible.

  • Dethduck


  • Urugami

    I detected a little bit of The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    • Urugami

      Was Snow White too obvious to mention?

  • Satvic

    I think they are successfully targeting the mentally challenged part of the population of the US .. the larger half 🙂