LG ‘Crack the Code’ Video Takes Bigger Swipe at Apple [VIDEO]


After a few minutes of digging around LG‘s new Optimus One YouTube page, we came across a second promo video. This time around, we’re treated to a 4-minute, cinema style movie with Da Vinci Code-esque clues and Wizard of Oz-like dreams.  As they do with their claymation “Once upon a time…” clip, they take aim for Apple, and Steve Jobs.  Well, not a guy named Steve Jobs, but someone named “Applehead” who wears jeans and a black turtleneck.  Hey, at least this time around, we get to see the phone in action!

  • this is just as bad as the last one. . . maybe these go over better in Korea????
    Seriously, fire your marketing department, LG!

  • RidoKilos

    This is Utter Shit, LG. I hope that these devices don’t reflect what we see in these commercials.

    The last thing we need (that is the Android community) is to give Apple a viable path to make fun of Android.

    I’m all for cutting down Apple but lets try and do it with a budget. After all, a decent rival like the iphone deserves at least that.

  • Galactican

    Well. This was totally unnecessary, and utterly ridiculous. My daughter gets an Optimus S today, and I hope it works better than this lame video. May have reconsidered ordering it if having seen this first.