‘Nexus Two’ Delayed over Hardware


Ahhh, the magical phone that doesn’t exist.  According to TechCrunch, Samsung’s new, stock Android handset is being pushed back a bit due to “a serious hardware issue” found during the testing phase of the phone.  Originally expected to debut with the unveiling of Gingerbread (Android 2.3), it is now unknown when the phone will arrive.  We’ll let you know if we hear anything more on the hardware bug(s) and/or a new launch date.


  1. I’ll bet Google put their foot down on Samsung’s use of the crappy RFS file system and shotty GPS firmware/drivers. These should be quick, easy, and simple fixes, but with Samsung they will take forever because of how poorly Samsung develops code. The fact that it is getting pushed back I take as evidence that it is Sanding that is involved…

  2. HTC would be better but samsung has better hardware in galaxy s than htc in their desires but the desires are less buggy and have way more features.

  3. This is a PR disaster (well almost ) for Samsung, I’m sure HTC would not have missed this supposed deadline. Samsung appear to have superior hardware with their screens and GPU but in my opinion the Galaxy S was let down by simple things like omiting a flash (come on Samsung) and the mimicking to a degree of the iPhone interface, that alone would mean I would never look at the Galaxy S, if I wanted an iPhone I know where to get one.
    Come on Samsung time for a “Bloat” free phone running Stock Android and one that is not LOCKED down, because if it not possible to Root, again I will be looking elsewhere