Rumor: Droid Incredible HD Could be Very High Resolution, LTE, and More

A few tweets from a Verizon LTE engineer may provide new details on the upcoming Droid Incredible HD.  The phone, which has yet to be formally recognized by Verizon, is rumored to arrive on November 23 so it’s entirely possible that the leaks start happening more regular.  According to twitter users “black_man_x” the Droid Incredible HD should feature LTE capability (A Verizon first), and a screen that is higher resolution than the current 480×800 found on many phones.  In fact, black_man_x claims to have watched Verizon’s NFL Red Zone in HD using the device.

The phone first popped up back in August, courtesy of Boy Genius Report and appears to be a Verizon-branded version of the EVO 4G/Desire HD.  One final detail provided in the recent tweets is that the Incredible HD has been “refined a bit” since the handset debuted.

  • ilikeshade

    There looks to be a chance there could be 2 versions according to his tweets. A 3g version could be released soon but a LTE version wont be released untilled March 2011.
    OMG…I want this thing. I’m dying on my sprint hero waiting for this device!

    • rated r

      just get an evo

  • Dara Parsavand

    We absolutely need phones with 1280×720 (or wider x768, x800 – 768 is my favorite) in the phone category (< 5" diagonal). I'm still waiting for the first.

    I hope we see some serious camera engineering (say to compete with Nokia N8) on these new superphones too.

    At this point, I honestly don't get why they don't know enough about LTE (or any other near term comm protocol for that matter) to release hardware that is capable of it, but just don't include the firmware/software – then release that later when it is ready.

  • Donovan

    no disrespect but you guys are so off its not even funny.. go back and keep reading his tweets.. he confirmed there will be a 3G and a LTE version.. 3G still November LTE will be March 2011.. it will also have 1.2 GHZ processor 🙂 crazy i know but you will see..

  • hazydave

    They know about LTE alright… have for awhile. But it’s an entirely new protocol on an entirely new frequency (700MHz band). So along with new cellular infrastructure, they had to wait for new cellular modem chips in for client devices… you can’t fix this with a firmware upgrade (and in fact, the cellular modem protocols don’t run on the application processor anyway, they’re deeper down).