Android 2.2 Leaking to Select Vibrant, Epic 4G Handsets

Samsung has made their Android 2.2 Froyo build available to Galaxy S handsets in the UK, but when will it hit the United States?  According to the latest batch of related news, this could be sooner, rather than later. A very buggy, unfinished Froyo build has found its way to a select group of Epic 4G (Sprint) owners whereas a Vibrant (T-Mobile) version is said to be more stable and usable. The Sprint version is missing phone radio and the is nowhere ready for primetime, however the T-Mobile flavor already has a pair of custom ROMs. Neither build have been made public, but more details can be found at XDA Developers’ Vibrant and Epic 4G forums.

Via: Android Central Forums

  • Brian

    Wow. I’m first? I wish I could be the first to get 2.2 on my Vibrant. Soon, than later huh? I’m crossing my fingers.

  • iy

    Nope, I was first but comment system didnt work I guess. Anyway, running Froyo on Vibrant and its great. Donted to TW for great releases.

  • G

    I’m 3rd woohoo! Does Froyo stand for frozen yogert? I could really use some in my Epic 4g

    • Chris

      A froyo is a type of desert – as are all Android codenames.

      • Phones r cool

        No, the Sahard is a type of desert….

  • brayo

    if its leaking that means its full.
    samsung and tmobile push the damn update already