Early Phone Guide Reveals Samsung Continuum Details

We love it when people post some files to the internet early, as is the case with the Galaxy S Froyo source. The employees over Verizon continue the trend, posting a somewhat early guide of the Samsung Continuum. You do remember the Continuum right? It’s the weird phone with the two touchscreens, expected to get announced tonight.  With one, main ‘upper’ screen and a new ‘ticker’ screen for notifications, it looks to be Samsung’s new hot phone. But it can do more than just look cool.

It’s more than just an eye catcher. You can control your music player with it and set different ringtones for different notifications. It shows incoming calls in detail, updates on your RSS-feeds and much more. For example, listening to music while browsing the web works much better if you don’t have to switch between the two different apps. The combination looks promising, we’ll just have to wait until it gets released.

Here’s the complete guide if you want to know everything in detail.

Source: Androinica.com