HTC Rumored to be Working on App Store of Their Own

We can’t we’re surprised to hear this latest rumor.  HTC has joined the growing list of companies throwing their hat in the app distribution game.  According to Financial Times, the handset maker is prepping an online store of their own, which will offer apps and e-books. HTC has been slowly moving beyond being merely a company who builds phones, starting way back in 2009 with Sense UI.

Building the same user experience into Android, Windows, and their own Smart phone ensures users get the same experience no matter the platform. Building on that, they released their own website full of features to help owners get more out of their handsets. This app store would be a logical extension.

Personally, I like the idea of HTC getting their feet wet here. I just hope we don’t see too many exclusives in the way that carriers like to do so with their phones. I’ve long said that HTC should sell their widgets, themes, and wallpapers, if only at 99¢ a pop. Die-hard, super savvy users might not be too excited, but I think new users and the casual smart phone fan would definitely be on board.

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  1. Froggmann
    November 08, 12:01 Reply

    Really? How many fing app stores do we need?

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