Interesting Android Info in Rogers Leaked Roadmap

The Boy Genius Report recently got a leaked document outlining a road map for Rogers Wireless that has some interesting Android handset and tablet news for the Canadian carrier.  Among the Blackberry and Nokia info, there were two tidbits of info concerning the Dell Streak and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The info from the Rogers document says that the Dell Streak will be sold for $149.00 on contract.  For those of our readers who are Canadian, I guess that is something that could tickle your fancy.  That is not a bad price to pay for a 5 inch device, if you can deal with the Android 1.6 OS on it.

The bigger news in the leak is about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the pricing on a two year contract is $299.00, but is $199.00 on a three year deal.  Three years is a long time, I know, but a $199.00 Galaxy Tab is mighty appealing.

The road map was talking about a time frame between now and next February, so you should see the units soon.  Let us know how you feel about a three year deal to get a pretty good price on the Tab.

  • Rob

    Nothing will make me want to sign yet another contract with Rogers, (especially for a 1.6 device.) Besides, the unit price won’t matter since the data cost will likely be unreasonable.

    You should know that a 3 year contract is the standard in Canada for mobile service. They get away with it due to the limited competition here, with only three main companies operating several brands each (many pretending to be discount or Independent carriers.) Only recently have smaller companies entered the market, but they will likely stay out of the tablet market for now… but who knows how long they will last in the first place.

    • JMS

      Apparently, the Streak has just launched in Japan with 2.2 onboard, which would suggest that any subsequent market launch should be the same. What’s of interest to me is the price at which they’ll make available for someone wanting a hardware upgrade, but only under a renewal of my current wireless plan (no data). I’ll probably have to suggest that I’m thinking about moving all my infotainment services to Bell . . .