Nexus 1 Owners to Get Gingerbread First

And rightly so!  All you Nexus One owners out there paid for the privilege of being the first to get the latest and greatest updates to our favorite mobile OS, and it looks like Google is again going to make you first out of the gate.  Android Central is reporting today that Open Handset Alliance official Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez released a very interesting tweet recently.  The following is a quote from the AC article, translated from the original language:

Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the next few days:-D

The article goes on to talk about the fact that it is unclear as to which Nexus One Dev version he meant, the “super secret” one as AC puts it, or the one you can buy from the store as a dev.

I have to admit, this makes me envious of people who own the Nexus One, being a Vibrant owner, I am still out in the cold as far as froyo is concerned, let alone gingerbread. Good job Google on making sure you keep giving the people who were early adopters of your handset the right to be the first to get new releases.

Hopefully this is another sign that indeed we will be seeing Gingerbread release, rumored to be releasing on November 11th.  More news as it comes in.

  • Android_Kev

    Recently traded up from a G1 to a G2. Hopefully G2 will see gingerbread sooner than later.

    • That will be up to T-mobile since they loaded it down with “crapware” It has Vanilla Android but it still has carrier specific items on it as well so it will ultimatly be up to T-mobile when you see 2.3. I for one, will never buy a Andriod handset from anyone but Google. I love my N1 & can not wait for the next one!

      • The N1 is an awesome phone but what do you do about the 196MB of flash ROM limitation? Because of that I am unable to install a lot of applications I need. The MyTouch 3G which is an inferior phone at least gives you 293Mb!

        • blakjak

          apps to sd transfer. standard feature with froyo. thus limitation is nothing.

          • Keith

            Oh please. I’m an N1 owner too. And the limit is very bothersome…simply because most apps don’t have app2SD yet.

      • lolthisismyname

        Prepare to be disappointed: Google announced a while back that it is no longer going to be releasing phones by itself.

        Sorry 🙁

  • devdanke

    An unlocked phone is well worth the up-front money. You will save sooooo much over the expensive two year contracts carriers force you to accept with a subsidized phone. With an unlocked phone, like the Nexus One, you’ll save enough money to buy a new phone every year! Plus, you won’t have to deal with the carrier bureaucracy about getting OS updates.

  • Matt

    This is exactly why I’ll never be able to replace my Nexus One. It saddens me that there is no other unencumbered Android phone out there. Here’s hoping the mythical Nexus Two is that phone, but given all the crud Samsung puts on their phones that seems unlikely…

    And darn straight I deserve these updates first! 🙂 I paid almost $600 for this thing (and I love it), so hopefully it’ll continue to get the updates first. Until there’s hardware out there that’s significantly beefier than the N1, I think it’s likely that the N1 will get the updates before others.

  • Brad

    Another reason I’m kicking myself for trusting in Samsung – (Vibrant).

  • joe.attaboy

    The coming update means that the popular modded ROM developers will have a crack at it as well. Hopefully, development teams like the Cyanogen group will have a Gingerbread version out soon.

  • Will

    Nexus One FTMFW!

    I am CONSISTENTLY reminded of why it was such an awesome decision to skip the MyTouch, HD2, etc, and get the N1. Gingerbread, HERE I COME!

    Sidebar: C’mooooooooooooooooooooooon CYANOGENMOD 7!

  • archboy

    I love my N1. Does it have quirks…sure do and not enough internal memory..yup but event with all the new handsets coming out and almost a year old; it is still a pretty darn sweet phone.

    I don’t see myself upgrading for a while longer and would have loved the N2 but as Samsung is the maker…I might pass unless it was again sold unlocked, pure android and none of the touchwiz crap in it.

  • Well, I’m with Samsung Galaxy S and NexusOne (different mobile networks). I have to say that the touchwiz is not so bad. The bad thing is that someone in Samsung thinks that they should use crappy FS and that’s okay. Also the KIES thingy sux big time as well as any usb connection to the pc.

    However, it has better sound and display over the Nexus. The only thing I miss in Galaxy S (not counting the froyo) is the light sensor – it doesn’t have one.

  • Jamie

    Well, I just ordered a new HTC Desire HD to replace my now ancient (almost 1 year old) Nexus One. While the N1 is a great phone, you can hardly argue with a few phone with a 4.3″ screen and better specs. It’s just a shame that I may be taking a step back in OS by the time it arrives.

  • NerdCore

    I have had my N1 since it first came out, I lOVE my phone……

    I hear many reasons why other android phones are better, bigger and better screen. In the end, all you NON-Nexus One users, if you buy android phone today it will most likely have a year old version of android OS or older which makes it older then the N1, the hardware spec in many phones out today are not something to be WOW ” thats amazing”. N1 spec are still pretty good and will be for at least 2 years or more if google keeps updating N1.

    If the rumors of the N2 is correct, thats makes me happy that google is not giving up of the N1 idea…because when it comes time to upgrade my phone it will be through google.

  • Theweakend

    I hate to say I… wait a minute I love saying “I told you so”

  • I am constantly reminded what a great decision I made to get this phone. Its the best phone I’ve ever owned. Don’t know what I am going to do when the time comes to replace it. Hope Google comes out with another phone.

    • Keith


      I feel exactly the same way.

      Initially, I was bandying about the idea of picking up a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Boy am I glad, I didn’t. It’s the software updates that add functionality, not the hardware, these days. And everytime Google puts out a major Android release it feels like I got a new phone. I spent the equivalent of CA$750 (buying both the desktop dock and the car dock as well – the extra costs are conversion charges and duties). In my view, that money was well spent.

      The only things that bug me about the phone, are the lack of internal memory and the buggy touchscreen. But I’ve learned to live them and the updates more than make up for those issues.

      I really hope Google changes their minds and makes another Nexus phone. I won’t know what to replace my phone with, in another year, if Google doesn’t step up to the plate again.

  • I gave up my Nexus One for a Vibrant and I’m only slightly upset about it. I hate the lack of updates but I find the phone to be better overall. The next phone I purchase will be as claire to stock
    Android as possible though because I love updates and Samsung is starting to work the nerves.

  • Jose

    I was an early adopter of the Android system and purchasing the N1 from Google was a gamble that we would be rewarded in future development. I’m glad the the N1 continues to receive updates before any other phone. Also, there is no better phone out there than the N1. It’s easy to handle and the functionality is perfect. I did get a G2 but the N1 continues to be the phone of choice for me. Of course, just my opinion.

  • Walter

    Google and HTC should release another Nexus, by far one of the best phones on the market.
    It would be nice to continue with another Nexus phone. I hope my next phone will be a HTC Nexus two. Go Gingerbread !!!!

  • rollyp80

    In love with the Nexus One from day one. I love the Vanilla Android OS, the sleakness of the phone and the constant updates. I agree, it feels like a new phone with every update and I am super happy that we get them first……we deserve it!!! 🙂 Can’t wait for Gingerbread!!!

    And I am super hoping for a HTC nexus two google phone!

  • Hey what about ther Nexus S that is the Nexus 2 except you are just replacing the 2 with a S.

  • Carlos Gomez

    As I write this, Google launched Nexus S, that is a second version of Google Nexus 1 but this time manufactured by Samsung. Unfortunately the phone does not fulfill the expectations we had on this second google phone. No trackball, no light for incoming missed calls, no option for a micro sd card (come on google!!!!). It really worries me what am I going to do when I have to change my Nexus One. I like my N1 , among many things, because it is not loaded with crap software that the carriers or manufacturers add to the phones. The future replacement for HTC Google N1 looks grim unfortunately.