Official myTouch 3G Froyo Build Ported to the G1, Brings Life to a Legacy Android Device

Ah, the wonders of the XDA-Developer Forums! So much good talent among the developers there! One in particular, ezterry, has ported the myTouch 3G’s Froyo 2.2 update to the Godfather of Androids, the G1.Here is the good news: EVERYTHING WORKS! It is a stable port that has all of the Android 2.2 features found on the latest myTouch 3G OTA update! The bad news: You have to have a rooted device and have a few pre-requisites such as the infamous 1.33.2005 Danger SPL and 2.22 radio. If you still have a G1, though, and have not rooted it by now, this is a very good reason to do so! Check out the XDA post HERE.

(images from AndroidSPIN)

  • Blake Runnoe

    I find it very hard to believe that flash is working on it since I was told that Adobe Flash 10.1 for mobile calls instructions specific to ARM V7 CPU’s and would therefore be incompatible with the G1. Please apend the story to include confirmation or correction as to whether this feature is working.

  • jon

    what’s the difference between this and cyanogen’s 6.0 mod?

  • issac

    @brake- flash doesnt work and it has jit but it doesnt help too much . but everything else in froyo pretty much works.

    @jon- cyanogenmod 6.0 is a froyo port to the g1 . this new mytouch 3g froyo is the official t-mobile froyo that has been ported to the g1. the new official froyo frees up about 15 mb of memory so it runs perfect.

  • Andrew Gomez

    It says in the article’s text that it features “all of the Android 2.2 features found on the latest myTouch 3G OTA update.”

  • Eric

    This is FAST. Unbelievably so. Going from CyanogenMod 6.1RC1 to this ROM felt like getting an entirely new phone. It isn’t nearly as feature-rich as CM, but at this speed I don’t really care. My G1 is keeping pace with my girlfriend’s Mytouch Slide and it feels great.

    I’ve noticed that apps2sd seems to be broken, and it has issues with installing large applications. Other than that it’s fantastic.

    I highly recommend this ROM to any G1 owner.

  • TravisLHarris

    Man the G1 is never going to die… It has had 9 lives.. LOL Wow wish i would have kept mine as a test phone..