Verizon to Set LG Vortex Free (After Rebate)

Verizon looks to be following Sprint and T-Mobile‘s lead with their new LG handsets.  According to documents obtained by Engadget, the nation’s largest carrier is going to offer the LG Vortex for free, after mail-in rebate.  Customers will pay $100 up front and then get their money back a la debit card.  As a refresher, the Vortex runs Android 2.2 and should feature a 600MHz processor and 3.2-inch screen.  Look for an announcement on this one soon.

  • Jay Dub

    I played with the Sprint version of this phone yesterday (Optimus S). Screen res is a little low, and the screen itself is on the small side. The phone feels solidly built though, and the UI is pretty fast and zippy.

    OTOH, you don’t get Flash, and it wasn’t even listed on the Android Market even though the phone ships with 2.2.

    In the end, “free” seems like a good buy! 🙂