Adobe Releases AIR 2.5.1 in time for Gingerbread

Adobe has officially updated the AIR app for Android to version 2.5.1. You can update it via the Android Market as of today, and Adobe is encouraging developers to change their apps so that they work with AIR 2.5.1, and of course, Gingerbread when it’s released, likely on Thursday.

Adobe also says that users who use AIR should upgrade it first, before they receive the Gingerbread update. For some apps, updating to 2.3 without updating AIR may cause a force close or crash. So, what are you waiting for? Hit up the Android Market and upgrade AIR on your Android device, so you’ll be ready for some Gingerbread.

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  1. Joe
    November 10, 09:16 Reply

    Doesn’t the SDK come out about a month before the actual release?

  2. dan
    November 10, 20:08 Reply

    i’m trying to understand why i need adobe air on my phone for. could someone clue me in please?

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