Citi Launches Single Click Check Out for Android

It was only a matter of time before different financial institutions woke up to the fact that Android is a cash cow waiting to be milked.¬† As the fastest growing mobile platform, it will literally print it’s own money, as soon as someone figures out how to make it happen.

It looks like Citi has realized this, and come up with a way to make in-app purchases possible for Android users and devs.

A quote from the Citi site,

Single-Click Checkout enables merchants to easily accept credit card payments from users on any phone with only a single click! Whether you provide digital goods like games, music, virtual currency, or nonprofit donations, or physical goods like concert tickets or home appliances, users can instantly purchase your items using their credit or debit card.

One click payments certainly will add convenience to our devices, and will be a big item for devs to monetize their apps. The spice must flow!

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  1. String
    November 10, 03:12 Reply

    Wow, you say Android will “literally print its own money”? My phone doesn’t do that – I didn’t even know it had a printer! How do I enable this feature?

    /sarcasm… but seriously, you might consider looking up the meaning of the word “literally”. ;^)

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