Kmart Offering Sylvania 7-inch Tablet at $180

Yes folks, there’s yet another Android tablet coming. This one is interesting in that it appears to be a Galaxy Tab knock-off. Although the hardware isn’t exactly low-end stuff, the $180 price is enough to garner second looks.  Created by Sylvania, this 7-inch tablet comes out of left field and joins the equally (un)impressive Augen tablet.

Behold the hardware:

  • Android 2.1
  • 7-inch 800 x 480 screen
  • Six hours of battery life
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 2GB Flash memory
  • Front facing camera
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 802.11b/g
  • WiFi
  • Two Mini-USB Sockets
  • HDMI-output

We still don’t know two crucial things: the processor- and the touchscreen type. And that are things you really want to know, a slow processor with a resistive screen is quite of a drawback, right? Market access isn’t promised, but since it’s possible to enable Market-access with a simple .apk install, it technically doesn’t really matter. It’s nice to have it pre-installed though. By the way, how do you like that iPad home screen knock-off?  How many products can you imitate at one time?

It’s cheap, who cares?

Source: Engadget

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  1. Epicanis
    November 09, 17:36 Reply

    TWO mini-USB sockets?

    Will the device be able to read FROM USB devices (flash drives, media players, etc)? Or is there just some strange need to have a dedicated charging port in addition to a data port?

    • Jack
      November 09, 20:01 Reply

      I highly doubt it. Google said they are working on a USB-Host Mode at the Kernel level for Gingerbread, but it definitely isn’t available currently. Some hardware manufacturers have the talent to write it in themselves, but I doubt an off-brand company putting out a 180$ tablet really took the time to write anything overly functional like that.

  2. DavidW
    November 09, 20:33 Reply

    Created by Sylvania? – If I recall, that’s now an empty brand. A name only, held by a Pac rim IP licensing firm for use by anyone with the $.

  3. Saket
    November 10, 02:31 Reply

    Looks great, wonder how fast would its processor be

  4. Dwayne Vandiver
    November 12, 05:51 Reply

    I was trying to find more information on this tablet, so I e-mailed Customer Service for some specs. Here is what they sent me:

    VIS: High Res 7″ inch 800×480 Color TFT touch panel screen
    HDMI: Yes Mini HDMI to full HDMI Type C
    HD: Yes 720p and 1080p
    AUDIO: Full Digital Stereo (loud) Stereo headphones included
    MIC: Yes
    CAM: No
    MODE: 802.11(b,g)
    FREG: 2.4GHz
    Battery: Lithium Ion Battery 1300mAH
    OS: Android 2.1 Update 1
    UI: 2x USB 2.0 and USB 2.0 Host
    RAM: 256MB DDR2
    FLASH: 512MB
    CPU: 1GHz
    Storage: 2GB
    Expandable Storage: Yes MicroSDHC 16GB is the MAX
    e-Book: Yes (TXT, PDF)
    Media: MP4, FLV 480P (tested)
    Image: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG

    In the Box
    Power Supply Unit
    USB to male to female dongle

    These specs look pretty good, but the only thing that I have concerns about is the Battery. I can not believe that a 1300mAH battery will last 6 Hrs.

  5. Fay
    November 17, 10:02 Reply

    I just got one last week…it’s size is great BUT the battery does NOT last 6 gets extremely hot when in use which may or may not be a big deal – I don’t know. I am having the hardest time trying to load music on it as well as finding games through their search engine. I will be contacting customer service today to see if they can assist. Otherwise it goes back to the store.

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