“Massive Update” to Angry Birds Adds 45 Levels, Support for Additional Devices


Sorry kids, it looks like your mastery of Angry Birds will have to wait a little longer.  Rovio has just pushed out a major update (v1.4.2) which adds another 45 levels, bringing the total to 195 brain busters.  Additional levels are nice, but Rovio is probably happier to report that the update allows for additional devices.  The Android version of Angry Birds now supports QVGA graphics, so those of you with compact handsets will be able to enjoy the game. And what would an update be without bug fixes?  Rovio has addressed a number of issues plaguing early adopters, including blanks screens on 1.6 phones and random white textures.

Existing users can update your Angry Birds immediately.  If you haven’t already done so, download the game from the Android Market or GetJar.  It is free ya know?


    • Well, the white textures bug on the Hero is gone, the ground, obstacles and background are properly rendered – but the additional details slow down the game so much it went from “glitched but fairly playable” to “completely unplayable”. Oh well.

  1. The update made it super slow on my Moment. Not even playable now, and large white chunks instead of text. Looks like they didn’t get it exactly right this time.

  2. Not very laggy on my Droid 1 but the in-game ad placement makes the game almost unplayable. Seems a little rushed to market. Hopefully (and based on the comments on the Market page), they’ll drop a quick fix to move the ads back to the bottom of the screen. Or, release a paid version to remove the ads.

  3. I have Samsung moment, Angry birds worked fine except for slight lag, then an update came out and now it wont work, white splotches on game, impossible lag… had to uninstall it, and figured if I re-installed it, it would work fine… it doesn’t, same white boxes all over and unable to play. I am very upset because my kids and I loved that game 🙁

  4. Worked fine on my X10 mini pro (bit slow at the start when the advert was displayed), but since the update, now completely crap. HUGE advert that doesn’t go away for several seconds leaving the game super laggy and almost unplayable. Stupid update!!