Motorola Introduces Us to Droid 2 Global [VIDEO]

Widely expected to arrive with much fanfare and hype, the Droid 2 Global simply appeared on Verizon‘s website without so much as a peep.  To Motorola‘s credit, at least they have put together a YouTube video to publicly show off the new features of the world’s first 1.2GHz smart phone.  The handset maker does a great job in promoting their phones and helping users get the most out of their devices.  Check out the clip below to see how the Droid 2 Global looks in official video fashion.  Is anyone else surprised they haven’t heard anything out of Verizon about the Droid 2 Global?  Where are the television commercials?

Have you pre-ordered yours yet?  Do you plan to?

  • João Rossa

    If i buy this to use in Portugal Vodafone gsm will it work?

  • ironic

    I love how they leave the Droid Incredible out of their Droid family,
    ……….yes I know how it is made by htc and the droid moniker is a verizon thing.

  • Ben

    I Don’t understand why they are making a big deal about the 1.2 Ghz processor. It is the same processor as Droid 2 just at a higher clock speed. I think the HTC Merge will at least offer some new tech.

  • Zero

    joao rossa that the big things that the main skill they promote.