Sony Ericsson Prepping X10 Follow Up with ANZU “X12″

Say what you will about Sony Ericsson’s X10, but it’s hard to refute the sexiness that is the hardware.  Aside from the outdated version of Android, the Xperia X10 is one of the best looking and performing devices in the market.  And now that the OS problems are being somewhat resolved, it’s looking even better.  So what’s next for Sony Ericsson?  According to recently leaked pictures and descriptions, we can start looking forward to the X12/ANZU.

Early details have come in pegging this new device with the popular 4.3-inch touch screen, HDMI output, and an HD camera.  The original X10 runs 8.1-megapixels so it would not surprise us to see the same, if not better.  As for the HD part, it’s being rumored that this could be 1080p video recording.  Pictured with an Android 2.1 backbone, it has been suggested that the X12 could launch with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) in early 2011.   Check out the short gallery to see how thin and sleek this guy is.

And if this wasn’t cool enough for ya, the word around the campfire is that this phone will be announced by the end of the year.  Oh, and that Sony Playstation phone will get announced at or around the same time.heard that said phone can capture 1080p video and will have a front-facing camera. [Thanks, Tejstar]

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  1. Drew
    November 10, 13:10 Reply

    Please launch with Gingerbread that would be sweet! If this came with stock android, I think I’d totally skip the Nexus 2/S and try out the Sony bandwagon. That is.. if Tmobile could manage to pick this baby up. I’m talking to you new CEO! Get ‘er done!

    • Theweakend
      November 10, 19:31 Reply

      Totally agreed but sadly none of that would ever happen :/

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