Nexus S Pictures Emerge

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Engadget has just reported that the image posted to the left is none other than the fabled “Nexus S” device.  The Samsung produced successor to the Nexus one.  The article over at Engadget says that the image is about a month old, but who cares?!?  It is awesome to see some new gadget goodness.

There is still no word when we will get an official announcement of the device, let alone a release date.  With all the rumors swirling around Gingerbread being released and this handset, it will be good to get some solid announcements.

More info as always as it comes out!

  • Moranis

    I think I’ll wait until more details emerge on hardware specs. Being a current N1 owner, I won’t move until something more than mere evolutionary is launched. Perhaps something with the MSM8x60 that is as close to stock Android as possible.

  • Charles

    Finally…what i have being waiting for

  • dipdcrown

    Google would grab more buyers if they made the Nexus phones all world phones. These devices shouldnt be just limited to TMO.

  • Wonil

    Might still be the Nexus Two. Look at the korean in the pictures: — they said it is “Nexus 2”

    Probably still Nexus S… like Best Buy had it.

  • Be

    Look liek the Galaxy S series from Samsung

  • Nexus S is awesome!

  • Nexus S as a really nice phone. Gotta love it