Samsung Prepping Super Sleek ‘Flagship’ Android Phone for February

BOOM!  You didn’t think Samsung was gonna ride that Galaxy S train forever, did you?  Looking beyond the Nexus S (yes, already), we have Samsung’s next big thing in our cross hairs.  Maybe huge is a better word.  Engadget has scored some details on a new device slated to roll out in February.  You’ll want to sit down for these.

Described as having either a 4.3- or 4.5-inch “sAMOLED2” touch screen, it’s assumed that a new, improved Super AMOLED display is right around the corner.  The unnamed device is said to run Gingerbread and feature a blazing fast 1.2GHz processor, an 8-megapixel camera with 1080 video recording, and 16GB internal memory. Looking at the pictures, we have an ultra-thin, super sleek phone in the making.

Argue the sexiness. We dare you.
  • ninja4life

    holy s**t dis DA ONE ive been waiting for !!!

  • Just wondering, if the display is WVGA does that mean it’ll be 480 x 800. I was hoping they would increase the PPI a bit, now lower it! 🙁

  • Jamerson90

    Isaiah, this is a fake. Obviously someone decided to screw around and see if Engadget would really post it, and they did. The screen is MIUI

  • tay

    Hmmm, looks suspiciously like the i*hone. I don’t buy it.

  • Usman

    Um… why does that picture show the “Samsung” phone running the MIUI rom?

  • steve the pirate

    It’ s sad that the author of this just regurgitated another article without questioning it at all. This is a fake, and a poor one at that.

  • Wonil

    It’s called the Samsung Elite. It is THINNER than the iPhone 4, features a mix-metallic frame, and is probably coming to multiple carriers!

  • Android Police ran an article on this saying its a scam.