Is Samsung Working On A Tab 2?

Tab with Super AMOLED

Is Samsung already working on a Tab 2, well of course they are.  The truth is these things aren’t made over night, they take a lot of time to develop. Plus Samsung has already said that the Tab won’t be their only Tablet device.  D J Lee, head of Samsung Mobile global sales and marketing  was quoted at this years IFA conference saying:

“Based on our market research, people have different desires, so we are definitely going to have different sizes of tablets”. “And there will be tablets at different price points too”.

So it’s not really a question whether or not Samsung is working on a successor to the Galaxy Tab or not, its more of a question of how far along are they.

Well we might just be getting a sneak peek this week in China at the FPD International Green Device 2010 trade-show.  No, AndroidGuys wasn’t on the scene in China, but lucky for all us CNN was, and they had their Android goggles on.  They might have just spotted a new Galaxy Tab.  Reportedly, Samsung had a 10.1-inch LCD panel on display in a prototype “e-reader”.  The only thing is this “e-reader” looked more like a Galaxy Tab than an “e-reader”, including the 4 usual Android buttons on the bottom, heck it even made video calls.  The 10.1-inch LCD screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600, which is the same as the 7″ model that is currently available.  However, with this LCD screen the thickness of the display could drop from .5mm to .44mm, and drops the weight down from 130g to only 28g.  So with this LCD screen the next version of the Tab could get even slimmer looking and definitely lighter.

At that same IFA conference in China this week Samsung was also showing a 7-inch Tab.  Big deal, right?  Wrong, this 7-inch tab had a Super-AMOLED screen.  We all of course would have loved to see this in the current 7-inch Tab, but it looks like Samsung might be playing the “better late than never” card.  The 7-inch Super-AMOLED screen has an amazing 1200 x 600 resolution.  More pixels with the same size screen can only mean good things.  Samsung does plan on producing the 7-inch Super-AMOLED panels in 2011, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be putting them in a their own Tablet (they do make screens for all sorts of companies).

So are you ready to go get that Samsung Galaxy Tab that was released today on T-Mobile?  Or are you holding out for something better, like maybe a Honeycomb version with a Super-AMOLED display?

Via: Samsung, CNN