New Sylvania Tablet Details Uncovered, Include 1GHz Processor

Sorry to beat you guys over the head with Sylvania tablet articles, but we just came across a few details we’d not seen elsewhere.  According to the Hasting‘s Black Friday ad, the 7-inch tablet is alleged to feature a 1GHz ARM 11 Processor, 256MB RAM, and an 18GB hard drive.  This conflicts with what we see on Kmart’s site where they list it with 512MB RAM and 2GB flash memory.   Either way, the $149.99 sticker makes this one pretty tough to resist at least one test run.  Should you not have a Hasting’s in your neck of the woods, Toys R Us will be offering the Sylvania tablet at $139.99 starting at 10PM on Thanksgiving.

Here’s what’s been gathered so far for the tablet:

  • Android 2.1
  • 7-inch 800 x 480 screen
  • Six hours of battery life
  • 1GHz ARM 11 Processor
  • 512 MB RAM OR 256MB RAM
  • 2GB Flash memory OR 18GB hard drive
  • Front facing camera
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 802.11b/g
  • WiFi
  • Two Mini-USB Sockets
  • HDMI-output
  • going back

    I have one – it’s going back tomorrow. While fast and smooth for a resistive touch screen, it has no front facing camera, which is a deal breaker for me. I can’t tell if it has 2.1 on it or not because it provides limited details in the About Phone section. It does play Angry Birds quite well, so I suspect it has 2.1. It has 2gb, but you can’t do anything (play music, videos, etc.) with until you add an external SD card. It feels solid and has a soft touch coating on the back. I never did check the amount of RAM that it had in it. Using the stylus or your fingernail is a breeze for navigation, but the pad of your finger results in mis-touches.

    • Lex

      So… why is it going back then?

      • going back

        No camera. Wanted it as a Christmas gift for video chat.

    • heide

      I just purchased one for my children. they love angry birds but I can’t seem to download it can you tell me how you were able to download angry birds to the tablet.

      Thanks so much,

  • Lex

    18gb hard drive = 2 gigs onboard + 16 gig sd card.


    • going back

      It does not come with a SD card.

  • Elvis

    So is that a sensor on the front and NOT a camera?

    • going back

      The picture is wrong. Probably a pre-production photo. The bezel is solid black, with no sensors, no camera – just a little hole for a mic. I searched all over this thing, front, back, tilted it, changed lighting – nothing. The first thing I saw when I booted it up was a little camera icon in the notification bar, so I tapped it. It made a shutter sound and flashed the screen. I did this about 10 times. I went into the file manager and the only photos in were screen shots of the screen I was on when I tapped the button (they were date coded, so they weren’t already in there when I got it). The manual has no mention of a camera in it. Others have reported the same thing.

      • Jeana

        The camera is just what you got, a picture of the screen you are on. It’s not for external picture taking.

  • TaBlEt

    I was just at Sears and they had one on display. It does have a camera on it. It also has 720p resolution. Unfortunately, it does only have 2gb of internal memory but that can be fixed with a 16gb micro sd card. I will be getting one tomorrow when I get paid.

    • going back

      Are you sure you are looking at the same one? The only displays I saw at my Sears were blank displays, and it is possible that the display is incorrect. Actually, the only tablet they had on display was the Viewsonic G-Tablet and it does have a camera.

    • TaBlEt

      I don’t know where you live but Sears Had this exact one on display and it was “power on” display.

    • going back

      Also, no way that thing has 720p resolution – it might play a 720p video, but the resolution is stuck at 800×480. On something that big, it is noticeable.

  • going back

    Please take a look at this guy’s unboxing. Note he says there is no camera.

  • going back

    Try this again – here is the website for someone who has done an unboxing. Note that he also says there is no camera.

    http://tipstir.the-talk.n e t/hands-on-review-on-synet7lp-f60/sylvania-synet7lp-work-in-progress-t463.htm

    Fix the .n e t for the link to work.

  • going back

    One more time. Waiting for moderation issues. Here is the website for someone who has done an unboxing. Note that he also says there is no camera.

    h t t p://tipstir.the-talk. n e t/hands-on-review-on-synet7lp-f60/sylvania-synet7lp-work-in-progress-t463.htm

  • Josh

    Any word on bluetooth? This would be a cool little car computer that I could use with Ford Sync.

    • going back

      It has a mini USB input with a full size USB adapter that might work with a bluetooth dongle, but I didn’t try it.

  • Kim

    Does anyone know if this will be able to accept the Kindle Android app?

    • brandi_wine

      yes, i just installed it from the slideME sam 3.5 icon on it and it was listed under e-books as Kindle. it works really well. if you sort the e-book list by ratings it is right near the top of the list.

    • i tested it try rooting it to 2.2 or above

  • Pucuck

    Does the Market work on here? I know when these popped up on the gadget blogs they were saying there was a very slim chance that the Market would work.

    I thought about getting one of these for my wife since she likes to take my Droid X to play the games on it.

  • I am still testing on my tablet zone No camera but it does take internal shots of the screen. I am not a huge fan of OSD touch screen menu / home / info / back space. The two back buttons one power and the other is another menu button. Those a pain-to push. I didn’t seem this item until I did a customer pickup. They guy handed me the box I wanted to see the box before I say okay. No GE, then I say what the heck it’s Gentouch 78 design. So I decided to take a chance and go ahead and test it.

    Some glitches I’ve seen so far but the other system features are quick! I didn’t like the fact it didn’t have 512MB of RAM which is the FLASH is the one that has 512MB. RAM is only 256MB. They have 8″ model but I don’t think that’s going to show up soon.

  • It is possible that Sylvania has different versions for different stores. That is extremely common in consumer electronics retailing. You aren’t expected to match a competitors price if the products aren’t exactly the same. Retailers are happy to match prices for products that are essentially commodities, not as happy for furniture and electronics.

    I used too be in retail management. Anyway it shouldn’t be surprising if some have cameras and some not, same with different memory configurations. If possible, ask each store, just in case they are doing that for this product(s).

  • I’ve done retail management in electronics but still don’t false advertise on the SEARS or KMART sites. The product description you match what the product is and don’t hype it up either. No one online knew what the heck was the CPU and what it could do. I after digging and find out what it could do then okay. But whoever is manging the SEARS or Kmart site for web info needs to even learn out to type the correct info for these products.

    Been on the phone today with SEARS to get back $30 off the product. I did ask them if the item was going on sale they told me no. But sure enough it did!

    Anyway mine is going back for the following reasons

    1. USB OTO / USB HOST are DOA
    2. Touch screen is iffy and can push the screen down when you press touch icon
    3. Touch screen calibration not alway get set right
    4. MicroSDHC slot carry over from Gentouch 78 upon ejection you still need tweezers
    5. Unit over heats badly after long periods of usage (hot to touch)
    6. Auto Rotation Auto Sync does not work or Manual Rotation Works but is still iffy

    For the money the device for most who get one that works out of the box without DOA issues might be a good item.

    I had measured the performance scoring using Caffeine Mark and the score was 814. Now if I look at that score compare it to my ePad Flytouch tweaks I got 414 from 387MHz since that total is 400 more. Little over 600 to 700MHz out of the CPU in this device. On the OEM site it does say 800 to 1GHz from CPU.

  • Richard Freeland

    This sounds like a real bummer. I wonder what happens to all the returns. There must be a ton of Maylongs and Augens.

  • johninalabama

    This small, light tablet is GReaT…Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andy 2.1 ……………………………………………………………………………………………….
    Apps galore……….no restrictions
    V. CHEAP……..CHEAP……..NO CONTRACTS…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!$

    • traci girl

      you could download apps? how? from where? I have not figured it out yet

      • Jatvideos best website for android apps

        • try ”slideme” ( than download sam

  • Does it have an accelerometer?

  • mle

    Don’t buy I had bought it from toysrus and it is +!$ waste of money.

  • joe

    i just bought this yesterday it isnt as bad as everyone says it is… it is an amazing gift for a teen for the price..

  • MikeG

    Daughter bought one from ToysRus. Gave it to me to figure out since I have an android phone. No camera, no SD card and the bummer is you cannot install any apps until it has an SD card. Surfs the web fine, easy to connect to wifi, easy to connect email. Touch screen takes some getting used to. Plan on adding an SD card this evening to see what I can do once that is installed. Did not see Android Market on it, but if it can be rooted to accept it or if straight app installs work I will tell her to keep it. The price is right, but if all you can do is surf the web and check email and not install apps, what is the point? Smart Phone costs the same with a contract.. Seems to need a bit more polish and easy access to the Android Market. Will report back tomorrow.


    • mw

      let me know if you figure out how do access the android market..I can’t figure out how to add other apps.

      • @1758412eaf140bed4b335f164d323e2d:disqus and MW try getting the 3d party marketplace called ”slideme”

  • SA23

    !!!PILE OF JUNK!!!

    I bought one on a great “DEAL” from sears.

    Reasons why I am taking it back

    1. It uses a stick instead of your finger
    2. with the stick and the calabration I still can not hit the right letter or Icon.
    3.No APP market
    4.Bad BAD BAD B Life
    5. Screen is any thing but HD
    6. Takes forever to launch any website even

    ALL and ALL pile of junk. Thanks Sylvania for making another bad product

    • really!!!!!! ???? it is called a stylus and the slowness is your fault it your wifi connection is

      slowww!! the app store is called ”slideme”

    • guest

      i haven’t had a problem w/mine. i’ve never had a problem w/the stylus stick or my finger. and i have to agree w/cogra147 it has to be your wifi thats causing the slowness.

  • Interesting

    Just curious what is everyone comparing it to, as we know its not an apple.

  • WV teen

    I have an ipad, ipod , and a couple iphones…. I wish i could find somethng beter than an ipad….

  • WV teen

    most were gifts
    i wanna buy a good tablet under 300 bucks…. any suggestions???

  • Great price but I doubt the quality is there. Still a good gift for my niece.

  • Eddieproangler

    i just bout this 7″ tablet and in twenty minutes it froze on me and now it doesnt work and this is my second tablet that i had to return.the sylvania company should stick to light bulbs this product SUCKS.

  • Jonathan R.

    Go to today only and you can buy this tablet for cheaper.

    • Bric

  • Ashley

    did anyone figure out how to get the android market? The slideme market sucks, the apps are cheap and slow, not good at all!

  • Dburtonod

    1mobilemarket is good, Google android tablet download sites. There are several sites where you can get apps that are in the Android Market. The Android Market is set up now so tablets cannot download from it. A rather dumb idea. I have heard of beta ways to get into the market, but have not tried it.

    I paid $99 for the tablet at Big Lots, $22 for the 16 gig SD Memory card, $25 for a Galaxy i800 case for it. Have a couple of free very helpful medical and eye doc apps. It is now a Kindle reader,  Color Nook reader, browser, and Sudoku player.  I will have to downoad a $80 reference book to finish the professional library.

    Like someone else said, I look at it and say, I can’t believe I paid $100 for that thing. Other times, I look at it and say, I can’t believe I only paid $100 for it.

  • Androne

    I got the 10 inch version of this product and I have already rooted and installed the Official Android Market on it.  The biggest downfall that I have so far with this devise is that I still have not been able to move apps to run off the SD card.

  • guest

    i recently bought my tablet brand new for $99.99 from Big Lots brand new and i was thrown off the whole memory thing. but what i’ve gathered is the mini SD card it comes with holds the 2GB and the tablet it self holds the remaining memory. the pictures it takes is from the screen. (NOT pictures of yourself.) all in all I’m VERY happy w/my tablet)

  • Patricia

    I have reinstalled so many times. HELP
    It seems to be taking forever to come on too. When it does i have to reinstall everything again. Which is now everytime i turn it on.
    Android Version DG2.20  KERNEL VERSION
    [email protected] #25

  • Mrsdivastewart

    My email doesnt work it tells me im putting the wrong info and date time is always messed up and wifi has to be restarted everytime is it just me and why does tech support evwr pick up??

  • Antonio

    I sware on everything thing I love that this thing sucks @$$. Its slow as h3/| & I want me f’in money back like foreals. If anyone says its great, They lien for the company Apple is so much better, jailbreak it and get everything free. All I have to say take it or leave it.

  • Brandi Camenisch

    I need help downloading apps. I’ve used slideme and it sucks all the other app stores won’t work. I don’t need a paperweight I want to play angry birds. 

  • Sly

    Can you use skype on this tablet?

  • Georgia

    I bought one Sylvania 7 in tablet a week ago, work correctly and I decide to installe a 16GB microSD Flash memory but my tablet does not recogize it. I have bought a Duracell 16GB High Speed.HC4  After insertion, I should be intering directly into Laputa but it continues to tell me to insert a SD Card. Same thing for SlideMe, it continue to tell me there is no SD card but the SD card picture is on the  top bar and the system has told me it had prepare it. I have sent an email to and waiting answer from [email protected]. I bought it to be a book reader but for the moment I can’t download anything. Georgia

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