Sylvania’s 7-Inch Tablet Spotted in Toys R Us Black Friday Ad at $139.99


Okay so your curiosity was piqued just a bit the other day when you heard that Sylvania had a 7-inch Android tablet at Kmart.  Heck, for less than $200 ($180), you were at least thinking about heading to your local Kmart to check it out.  It couldn’t be worse than the Augen tablet, could it?  As tough as it might be to resist the urge to pick one up, you might want to wait until Thanksgiving, if possible.  The Android 2.1-based Sylvania tablet is listed in the Black Friday ad for Toys R Us for $139.99 with no silly rebates.  According to the circular, the sale actually starts on Thanksgiving night at 10PM and runs through Friday at 1PM.

Now here’s the goofy part: The ad makes a mention of “With Flash” but being that it runs Android 2.1 under the hood, it cannot support it.  Perhaps they are referring to Flash memory?

So, are you thinking about grabbing one of these yet?


  1. No camera flash and no camera at all. Picked one up at the local Sears yesterday (only one in stock in the city). It is fast and smooth for a resistive touch screen (1 ghz processor), but no camera was a deal breaker.

  2. people, Android runs Adobe Flash as in Youtube, flash games, etc. Where have you been, it’s all over the place that Droid type phones have the ability to play Flash animations while the iPhone does not come with Adobe Flash.

    I too have seen it mentioned that the T-R-Us tablet has a camera. with a 1GH CPU, I will probably get one of these.

  3. android tablet here’s the thing it’s going aganist the galaxy tab, ipad, reo touch do you really think that this one from (sylvania) is good think again but it’s $10 now YES $10 not 100 10 dollars at conway BIG EXCLUSIVE ON JAMAICA AVE ONLY UNTIL 12/21/10 HURRY. but metropcs is stating that they will be getting a tablet early spring 2011!! rAting 7/10.

  4. I bought one and i never REALLY loved it (mostly there was NO camera) So i used it a little to see if i would like more but i really didnt so i was wiping the memory and about to return it to the store and my mom trips overt the cord and Droped and fell on my carpeted floor and the screen cracked up all over and it was not droped on the screen!!! DO NOT BUY!!!! not worth it!!!

  5. I just seen this tonight at T-R-US and it looked like a nice tablet. I think it will do everthing that I am looking for a tablet to do. I really need a book reader but the google OS seems to be better than most readers and offers just a little more. Thanks for the information.