Tether for Android Now Available – We Celebrate with a Contest!

Popular BlackBerry application Tether has finally come to Android and we couldn’t be more excited.  Why?  Well, for starters, it doesn’t require Froyo on your handset.  Tether works for all flavors of Android.  Yeah, even you 1.5 folks hanging around!  Secondly, you’re not at the mercy of a carrier unwilling to allow the feature without costly add-on data plans.

The application was officially launched earlier today and it’s currently selling at a discounted rate of $24.95 until next Friday, November 19th.  At that point, it will go to $29.99 per copy.  This one-time purchase is a steal when you consider the alternative of $10-$15 a month or more.


How would you like to win a free copy for your phone?  Leave a comment below with a reason why you want tether.  Give us your best “stick it to the man” excuse.  We’ll randomly draw five names on Sunday, November 14th.

Increase your chances of winning by tuning into tonight’s AGTNFTW!  We’re also giving 5 copies away on tonight’s AndroidGuys podcast at 10PM EST.  Listen live at blogtalkradio.com/androidguys for additional chances.  While you’re at it, you might wanna follow us over on Facebook… we’re just saying.  We might want to share five more copies over there too!

  • dylan

    I believe I should have a copy for being the first to respond and sprint doesn’t need anymore money since I already have to pay an extra 10 dollars a month.

    • Jim

      It has been well documented that 4G does not exist, yet Sprint is charging us $10/month. I wonder when the class action law suits will begin? Not to mention that is many places where Sprint has promised “4G”, it either does not exist or does not work well.

  • Mike

    I think I should get it because I have solved world hunger just sayin

  • Pablo

    I think I should have it that way everyday I can walk to my local tmo store and give everyone tether then I’ll hold Phillip hum for ransom till they support it for free,yeah that’s what I’ll do!

  • Ariel

    I think I should have it because I have five kids and that way they can all tether on road trips and I don’t have to pay VZW a penny.

  • I think I should get it cause I have friend’s with iPhones and I like collecting their tears…almost have a whole pint already!!!

  • steve

    I want a free copy because I got the beta for free, and I don’t wanna pay for the real deal.

  • Kris

    I would waste even more of my time doing pointless things like playing Minecraft online.

  • Will it tether via Wifi instead of USB? If so then I’ll try it. I’m already a PDA NET user.

  • LevelM

    I have the OG Droid (unrooted) and they decided to leave me out of the wireless tethering club when they updated me to Froyo, so yea, I would love to stick it in my phone and then in their arses. Thanks.

  • Adam

    I end up using tether every day at work as the client almost never has wireless and it sucks paying so much for so little bandwidth. Especially when I already pay for data.

    Not to mention when the Zombies come and they tear down my power lines I am going to need something like this to stay in contact with the outside world.

  • Quest

    I believe I should get Tether because, first off, I don’t have any internet service, and I’m tired of staring at my 3.2″ android screen while surfing the web. Plus, I’m pissed off at PDAnet and EasyTether and want to try something new.

  • Bo

    I should get the free activation for tether so I can drop my home internet all together and get my $10 worth out of Sprint’s silly fee!

  • AndroDave

    I would love a free version of Tether so I don’t have to participate in T-Mobile’s new tethering monthly rates!

  • Brad Pitcher

    I want to replace my home internet connection using it.

  • Rich

    Why would I pay that crazy high price when I can tether over wifi or bluetooth for free with this… http://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-tether/

  • Eliud

    I think I should have it because the Cricket modem that we use at my job sucks, so I need an upgrade.

  • Kyle

    I’m a college student and I don’t have the extra money to cough up to Sprint so that I can tether.

    Hopefully the poor college student act works..

  • I want it because I’m sick of using the free version of PDAnet and having secure sites blocked.

  • I need tether because I have a cliq on tmobile and I guess since the phone is close to horrible than I should be able to used the good “unlimited” data that tmobile offers for something worth while.

  • The last couple of months I’ve been spending way too much money texting my girlfriend. Somehow, the network refuses me to text directly to her number. In Android, I confirm “please retry sending” each time, but then it sends the message multiple times. And it’s only happening with respect to her number. Life it’s not fair! I’m feeling so poor! Please let me win Tether so I can just roll the Internet way.

  • I would appreciate having tether, as it would enable me share my phones internet connection, which I cant do at the momet since other apps require root and the Milestone’s bootloader is locked.

  • krewtaan

    Since Verizon wont run fios fiber optic to ourhome because there isn’t enough homes on our street to justify the expense outlay wont be profitable for them. We could tether up and be connected to the 20th century…. wait…what year is it???

  • ChaosKiller

    The current tether solution I use is slow and unstable. I do, however, use it a lot in public transportation for my laptop. I would like to see a better solution 🙂

  • Chris

    EasyTether has been one of the best-selling apps in Android Market and the full app costs only $9.95
    Shame on you, AndroidGuys, that you’ve ignored it.

  • bsn

    I want to open up a whole new world for my brother.

  • Kerry

    So great when traveling… I could do some work on my laptop while the wife drives!

  • Joey

    The man that needs sticking it to are those who charge for WiFi. I’m looking at you hotels and coffee shops. Damn the man, save the Android!

  • slbailey1

    I need Tether to use my current data plan on my Incredible when I get the my Android tablet. I don’t want to pay an extra $35 for data when I’m already paying for unlimited data on my phone.

  • Elvis

    I want to get it so I can prove the official announcement that the droid1 doesn’t support wifi Tether WRONG!

  • Dave

    To use my unlimited data plan to the max that has been capped at 5 gigs : (

  • Ron Blaisdell

    T-mobile and their tethering rates … do I REALLY need to say anything more?

  • Jhonathanm

    I would really like this app. Here the land-internet connection sucks like hell. 3g internet/data is much better that any isp here. Android is my savior!!!

  • Steve Grey

    Free tether would actually make my life complete–really. I’m not kidding.

  • Maybe if I can tether, I’ll finally have a reliable Internet connection. Oh wait, my cell provider is AT&T. Nevermind.

  • robert kudirka

    I think I should get one because being charged monthly for tethering is clearly an al Queda plot. If you pay for tethering than the terrorists have won. When free tethering is outlawed only outlaws will tether for free! If you don’t pick me then my only question is this: Why do you hate freedom?

  • Tim

    I think I ought to get a free copy because Sprint’s foolin’ themselves thinking people are actually going to pay extra $ for it.

  • Jim

    I hope I win a copy, so I can really take advantage of my “unlimited” data plan.

  • Michael

    Well, I am entering a day before the contest closes, however, I know it’s useless for me to enter, as I never win anything, I’m on a 25 year losing streak, that’s how long I’ve been entering contests, and I don’t see my losing streak ending after a quarter of a century. Been asking women out for 24 years, still haven’t been on my first date, and I am 34; so you see, losing for me goes hand in hand with everything else in my life.

  • Eyeball_Kirkenbach

    Having planted the android flag in this small backwater territory – ministered by the principality of iOS 4 in the name of the kingdom of Apple – I need some shiny baubles to impress the locals with. Or all is lost.

  • hazydave

    I NEED some kind of Tethering for my Droid. I live out in the boondocks, but somehow mysterious have good Verizon service. But no one runs wires here, so I have crazy expensive satellite internet… $110 per month, and if I download more than 500MB per day, it gets very, very slow. But wait… I have this great smartphone… which doesn’t do tethering. Verizon/Motorola aren’t even supporting the Droid tethered in Froyo (it works.. I’ve seen hacks that do it, but they aren’t bothering), not that I need to spend yet another $30/month for that occasional thing.

  • Jet

    Screw Verizon’s extra 3g hotspot fee! All I need is teather and more cowbell

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