YouTube Gives Us Another Way to Never Leave the Couch

I am all for making life easier, and I love using my Android device for different functionalities  that bring the “wow” factor, but this one may be a tad niche, but useful nonetheless.

YouTube has announced on their blog that they have released a beta remote application to allow you to control YouTube on a YouTube Leanback screen, or a Google TV right from your Android handset.

A quote on the functionality from the YouTube blog post:

YouTube Remote creates a virtual connection between your phone and YouTube Leanback. To ‘pair’ your phone with your Leanback screen, simply sign into YouTube Remote on your Android phone, and to YouTube Leanback on your Google TV or computer with the same YouTube account. Just like that, you’ve connected your powerful multi-touch Android screen with the biggest screen in your home. Once connected, you can use the rich browse and discovery interface on YouTube Remote to find and queue up videos to watch, and send them all to Leanback with a single tap. With YouTube Remote you can play, pause, skip forward and back and even control the sound volume.

Granted that they are touting some new functionality that we don’t have otherwise, but do we need a separate remote to control YouTube? Let us know what you think.

  • Elvis

    I think ANYTHING to link up android devices to other smart household things (especially Google TV) is a good idea, and I’ve been looking forward to see how people would integrate it and am looking forward to seeing more in the future 🙂

  • Ori

    is it available?