Bing App Now Released to All Major U.S. Carrier’s Android Market

Tired of Google Search? Want a new search engine that also does maps, images, directions, etc? Bing! Microsoft has just announced that their Bing app is now available on all of the Android Markets in the U.S. (major carriers only, of course). If you have been itching to try this, but haven’t been using a Verizon Android, now is your chance to Bing!  Are there any takers?  Anyone at all.  Bueller?

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  1. Drew
    November 12, 22:55 Reply

    No thank you, I’ll keep my Google search.

  2. Mike Wolfson
    November 13, 09:32 Reply

    Actually I am game. It is nice to have alternatives. I like Bing on the web.

    It will be hard to replace Google’s integration of course.

    It is worth checking out.

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