Best Buy Black Friday Deals for Android

We’re back with another Black Friday post for you guys.  This time around, we’re looking at the retail behemoth that is Best Buy.  There are plenty of very low priced (A DOLLAR!) Android phones to go around.  Hit the jump to see what lies around the corner.  We’ve said before, and we’ll repeat it today: If you are looking to get an Android phone and can wait, you’re only two weeks away from some incredible savings!

  • HTC Droid Incredible Cell Phone – $1 w/Verizon 2-Year Activation
  • LG Optimus S Cell Phone (Charcoal) – $1 w/Sprint 2-Year Activation
  • LG Optimus S Cell Phone (Purple) – $1 w/Sprint 2-Year Activation
  • Samsung Fascinate w/2-Year Activation (Verizon) – $1.00 *
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Tablet (Sprint) – $549.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ Tablet (Verizon) – $549.99
  • Samsung Transform Cell Phone – $69.99 w/Sprint 2-Year Activation
  • Sony Internet TV Blu-Ray Disc Player (Google TV) – $299.99 (MAXIMUM 15 PER STORE)

    • beeh

      Hmm free transform at radio shack? Do you think the free price be good for adding an additional line on a family plan?

    • The price of the Galaxy Tab isn’t cheap and most users still looking for the Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

    • Will

      Can I get a fascinate for a dollar if I’m on a family plan? Or would I would need a new contact instead of extending my existing one?

    • Wohoo!!! I am going for the Galaxy Tab. 🙂

    • Danny

      Anyone know if the Galaxy Tab can be purchased without a data plan?

    • charles

      FRAUD. Best Buy admitted they will hit everyone purchasing a laptop with a set up fee of they claim $95.00. My wife went to purchase a $449.99 laptop ordered online available for in store pickup and they refused to sell after waiting 45 minutes they refused to sell for an item already reserved for us. 42 laptops were available and only 4 set up by Best Buy but that’s not stopping them from Defrauding customers. Notwithstanding the laptop was reserved we have to get in line now for our laptop. Management said point blank if you want a laptop black Friday you will have to pay us $94.00 set up fee or you will not get a laptop its that simple PERIOD notwithstanding 38 are not set up they will work overtime to make sure ALL are set up so you can be defraused out of the set up fee.

    • charles

      Continued: Nowhere was our laptop advertised for black friday and nowhere during the order process did it say it was unavailable. Either way its FRAUD PERIOD. 4 are set up and 38 are not but ALL will be set up friday so if you want a laptop there is no way around the $95.00 they claim it will cost in addition to the advertised price. I have looked for a disclaimer to justify the FRAUD and could not find one. Additionally they also claim other laptops at reduced price on black friday are not actually reduced since you need to sign a 2 year agreement for internet service, Again nowhere are any of these hidden fees advertised.