Droid Incredible Handsets Receiving Software Update

For those of you toting the Droid Incredible from Verizon, be expecting an update.  This update will add on the V Cast Apps store (Don’t worry, the regular Market is still there!) and an updated version of Slacker Radio. There will also be updates for improvement with Yahoo E-Mail, Wi-Fi (for visual voicemail) and Google Maps. According to Electronista, the updates should roll out by the end of the week, and it’s being labeled as v.3.26.605.1.

What do you think of the V-Cast Apps Store? It is something that you’re looking forward to using?

  • No update here yet. Does that mean it’s going to install Slacker for me? Cause I dunno if I want it…

  • thisupdatesucks!!!

    I did the update this morning and my battery life today was ABYSMAL even though I used my phone less than I have in weeks. I have also noticed the phone being very hot to the touch and the UI has frozen several times. Confirmed with my wife and sister and both of their DI’s have been doing the same since updating.

    DO NOT DO THIS UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Here no update from Verizon, who did the same with the first Froyo update. I wish Google will take over the software updates, Verizon is ridiculous. But with the previous comment, glad I didn’t get the update.

  • seamus

    Got the update this morning, no pro’s or cons to mention except the format/setup of the Verizon app store sucks, won’t be using it

  • Brian

    I am rooted using unrevoked. What will this update do to my phone? Will I be able to reroot?

  • ryan

    I did the update and now none of my internet based apps are working. Any suggestions?

  • update happen at midnight last night

  • Jason

    Started having email issues yesterday as no new email would downloaded. Installed update and email problems continued. Also, phone does not ring unless screen is unlocked. Have to do a battery pull several times in a row to restore functionality to the phone. Had an issue yesterday with internet based apps and viewing websites as well. It seems like data service to the phone is intermittently cut off.