EVO 4G Sense ROMS Get Power Control Toggles

A little bit of CyanogenMod, XDA, some hard work by the Android Community and what do we get?  In one word, Awesomesauce!  This one is truly a piece of work.  After spending over 100 hours of time developing this port/mod, XDA user JsChiSurf has ported over the CyanogenMod Power Control Widget that shows up in the notification menu.  The CyanogenMod crew gave this to us in a CM6 nightly version nearly a month ago & now the Sense guys can share some of the fun too!

While this mod currently works on the EVO 4G, the dev has told me it would be a small leap to port it over to other HTC Sense ROMS.  He has done all the heavy lifting required to make this work on other devices & users have reported running this mod on the Droid Incredible.

There are a few caveats to this modification, users will want to read the original post in the thread thoroughly to get a good understanding of all capabilities/limitations.  13 different widgets can be setup to toggle.  However each user will have to make a decision which 6 show up in the notification menu.   There can be less than 6, but not more.   Root access is required as the file is flashed via Recovery.  After flashing, the config is fairly simple, albeit not quite as easy as those running CyanogenMod ROMS.  Configuration involves creating/editing a simple text file & dropping it in the proper place so the system knows what toggles each user wants to be visible on notification menu.  For more information on this modification please visit the thread here on the XDA forums.


  • Steve

    Is it possible to add a 4g on/off switch for Evo users who need to turn off 4g when they travel out of a 4g area, or if they don’t need 4g speed and want to conserve battery?

    • John

      The dev just announced that he was able to hack in 4G as well. This was originally a port from CyanogenMOD that doesn’t support 4G, so a 4G toggle was not there by default. Should be released soon.