Google Teases New Android Market Features


The official Android developers blog updated yesterday with a post touting Market housekeeping.  Designed primarily for developers to keep their apps up to date and ready for future devices, there’s a tiny blip that perked our ears up a tad.  Tucked neatly about halfway through the article is a part that says, “…In preparation for introducing some new Market features (that we think you’ll like)”.

New Android Market features sound wonderful!  Could it be the long awaited Paypal integration?  Perhaps the fully-functional website with the ability to send apps to devices?  Later in the post there is a reference to “…a lot of different sizes and shapes and flavors of Android devices in the product pipeline.”  Maybe we’re going to see a tablet-optimized section?  Regardless of what it is, we’re on board.  Now just announce it why don’t ya?

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  • JaylanPHNX

    Better searching, please. Spell correction and keyword/subject search. I want finding apps in the Market to be like finding a website with Google search.

  • rowi

    I noticed an option “Updates deinstallieren” (german, “uninstall Updates”) at the Detail screen of the facebook app. I guess it’s a rollback feature in case something’s wrong with a new version.

    • Robert Aitchison

      That feature already exists for apps that are pre-installed on the device.

  • Rich

    Perhaps a way to sort by price and rating??

  • sophi

    i’d like an “update all” feature

  • Lawrence Aubin

    I would love to see a way to filter what we look at or search for. Things like: free or paid, newest to oldest, oldest to newest, by price, by catagories. All this from within a general search as well as in individual catagories. The market is way too crowded with pure JUNK and repeating entries. Why are some apps listed more than once? Is this to drive up the app count or is it the developers trying to get as much publicity as possible for their apps? Either way there shouldn’t be more than one listing for each app..
    Com’on Google, let’s clean up the Market…