HTC “Mecha” aka “Incredible HD” sees the light.

Here is the next new screen shot of the latest HTC device. No, it’s not an EVO, it’s the Mecha or “Incredible HD”. Ok you may have seen the leaked device before but this is the first “booted” HTC “Mecha” screen shot. We have power.

Looks like the big brother of the EVO, nice rounded corners, big touch screen and of course the latest HTC Sense overlayed on top of Android 2.2 all going to Verizon. Sleek, sexy and big. And yet there’s more…..

If you notice in the top of the notification bar, the device is 4G . The phone will be one of the first phones to support the Verizon LTE/4G network. Testers have had 9mb download and 5mb uploads reported so far. Of course results may vary.

No hardware specs have been released yet. Also, no release date, you most likely won’t see it until early 2011.

Now the waiting for the leaked specs…we will keep you informed.

Thanks from the Android Community goes to AndroidCentral for the lead.

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