Theme Your CM6.1 With Dark Froyo On N1/EVO 4G

Most CyanogenMod users are aware about the extra customization ability we have on our devices. Well sometimes it just isn’t enough and so we go searching for themes.  I’ve come across a Dark Froyo theme on XDA that I felt was worthy of sharing.  It is developed by XDA user DjDarkKnight96.  He originally created it for the Nexus One, and after many requests, has ported it over for the EVO 4G.   As the name of the theme suggests, it is a dark (black) theme that reaches into many aspects of the device.

The Dark Froyo theme features colored status bars with alternative icons from the HTC Desire, as well as themes for many apps found in the Android Market.  These “DarkMarket Apps” include black themes for applications like Pandora, LauncherPro, SetCPU, Handcent SMS & more.

Root is required for the main aspect of this theme, as it is flashed via recovery.  However the “DarkMarket Apps” can be installed without root access as they are simply redone .apk files.  Those are installed by using the file manager of your choice.  As usual, it is recommended to perform a Nandroid backup before flashing in case something goes wrong.  Recently added are some nice transitions which can be controlled using the Spare Parts application that comes with CyanogenMod.

Constantly adding new things, the dev has a small to-do list & will also listen to requests for themed applications.  This is available for users running RC1 as well as Nightly Versions of CM6.1.  So if you are looking for that extra umph of customization head over to XDA & check out the Dark Froyo theme for the Nexus One or the EVO 4G.

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  1. Jealous
    November 12, 17:28 Reply

    Call me jealous!!
    Nice work.
    and first!

  2. Zero
    November 13, 09:49 Reply

    look nices but should port it to the OG Droid

  3. Michal
    November 13, 09:55 Reply

    Yet another dark theme?!? Really.

    Where are all the light cheerful themes?

  4. Hello Android
    November 14, 23:58 Reply

    I am still looking the theme for my Nexus One. I like this post !

  5. Observer
    November 15, 16:39 Reply

    it looks slick at first, then you know how laggy it is. The sad part you can’t use your own settings since most of theme is “hardcoded” into the APKs. I’m wiping my N1 right now to reinstall CM6.1 with stock theme.

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