Google Pulls Fake ‘Angry Birds’ App, Issues Security Fix

Angry Bird and Android have both become so popular, it was only a matter of time before someone used one to exploit the other. You might have already heard, but Google recently pulled a fake version of Angry Birds that infests your Android handset with a slew of malicious apps.  They have also sent out a security fix for those that may have downloaded the faulty application.

CNETt tells us that Jon Oberheide, chief technology officer of Scio Security, created a proof-of-concept app disguised as an expansion for the popular Angry Birds game. After the app was downloaded, three additional apps were installed without the user’s knowledge that had permission to perform malicious activities but were benign.

What’s your thoughts on situations like this where developers exploit Google and the Market policies?  How do you feel about Google stepping in after the fact?  Should they take a more proactive approach?

  • Justin

    Just another reason you should have a baby sitter baby sit all of those idiot end users… Maybe a secure app store with approved apps would help prevent os instabilities and security exploits through apps users download… Hmm… Sacrfice being a cheap ass and trying to free hack the world for a secure platform thats stable and wont let you down? Sign me up Steve Jobs, oh wait! I all easy AM lol don’t get me wrong Androids are nice toys and I’ll eventually have every os on their best device but come on people get with the program! At least LEARN a little bit about the deep deep watt your entering before jumping head first?

  • iucidium

    Troll Fail.

  • Will

    So I maybe a dumbass enduser but tell me this wasn’t that HUGE update that I just installed. Love these guys that get on here and tell the rest of us how dumb we are just because we may not be as tech savvy as they are. Never knew I had to be a computer science major to enjoy technology.

  • blade9732

    Will, you are not a “dumbass”. The update you installed came from Rovio, it was pushed to you because you installed the original app. Users should always check out the comments and the devs site, prior to installing apps. Followers of the Steve Jobs cult will try to show you their side and indoctrinate you to the closed and controlled world of apple…dont follow blindly. All software is susceptible to attack, Jobs cultists just snow you into a false sense of security.

  • Tom Gabrielli

    uh… so, where do we get Google’s security fix???????? Don’t you think maye the article should mention this important bit of information???????????

  • ric

    i just download angry birds app from android market, how is the name of fake application?

  • hazydave

    Even freeware sites like verify that the apps they offer are essentially what they say they are, not full of malware, before they post them for download.

    As in open source, there are different kinds of freedoms to consider. Your freedom to post a malicious program is at odds with my freedom to download without being screwed over. So even in the interest of maximizing freedom, I think Google should be more proactive here.

    This is a far, far cry from restricting apps based on arbitrary and ever-changing criteria, including “do they complete with us”, as Apple does. Google can verify that a published app is what it claims to be, and nothing more, without the need to actually censor application classes. Given that, an author would be rejected for lying about their apps, but they could re-submit by including the truth. This would technically even allow malware in the Market, as long as it admitted to being malicious code that will steal your secrets or damage your device.

    This isn’t new. My freedom to swing my fists has always ended at your face, even in the most libertarian of societies… any social order that doesn’t include that meme is anarchy, and not the good kind.

  • chris

    I wish the “reporters” would just write the actual details instead of worrying everyone needlessly.

    I had to dig two links deep before I found the actual information. If you installed “Angry Birds Bonus Levels” app then you installed a trojan horse.

    If you installed the “Angry Birds” app you are fine. If you got fooled, perhaps you should look into a mobile security app like lookout ( ).