Samsung Releases Source Code for Galaxy Tabs

Samsung released the open source code of their Galaxy Tab OS to any and all interested parties to grab.  Chances are, only select third parties are going to download the code and do all the wonderful hacking and modding.  Having said that, it’s nice to see Samsung stepping up to offer whatever open source data they can.  So far, T-Mobile and Sprint are the only US versions available, but that may change with the releases of Verizon and AT&T flavors down the road.
The Galaxy Tab presents new and unique challenges to hackers and modders in that it is the first largely available Android tablet from a major manufacturer.  It will be fun to see how the development community gets behind the device.

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  1. anakin78z
    November 14, 20:45 Reply

    Verizon Tab launched last Thursday. I’ve got it sitting next to me :)

  2. Janne
    November 14, 20:57 Reply

    Well, “nice” – they’re required to publish this source to comply with the OS license.

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