ATT Drops Galaxy Tab Pricing, Details

The ducks, by which I of course mean Galaxy Tab’s, are coming into row in time for the holiday blitz. Following suit with their competitors, ATT has released their pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as details behind the holiday purchasing and data plans. Let’s take a look!

The Galaxy Tab will be available for $649.99 at more than 2,200 AT&T company owned stores and online at will offer two pay-as-you-go data plan options for the Galaxy Tab, a $14.99 pay-as-you-go plan for 30 days with up to 250 MB of usage and a $25 pay-as-you-go plan for 30 days with up to 2 GB of usage. For a limited time, AT&T customers will receive a $50 Media Hub Movie Rental credit with Galaxy Tab purchases.

That’s more than a little better than the original ATT tab pricing rumors, and as this writer suspected, falls in line with their existing pricing model for their other tablets. As a plus, $50 in the movie hub goes a long way, which will be a huge deal for anyone looking to give this as a present. The image from ATT also confirms that the icons on either side of the launcher will be customizable, and the bandwitdth monitor widget seems like a nice touch.  The pay-as-you-go model really is a great way to do things, especially for those of us ready at the wheel with a big tether button, but would still like the occasional ability to do it all from the tablet. What do you think, pay as you go and pay full price for the device or subsidize the whole thing and go with the contract?

  • Observer

    You can buy a 13″ weightless notebook with 10hr battery life for less than that.

    Still a rip off. I think $200 with a contract is a fair price or $499 without would be reasonable.

  • Finally, AT&T got the Samsung Galaxy Tab, just waiting to know about the Tab from Verizon 😀

  • Chandru

    What is wrong with these manufacturers. I do like Apple products, but at the same time love the competition that is android as well. It has some terrific features.

    But the very competition that helped make it fierce(The hardware manufcturers) are making the whole iPad vs Android tabs competition a non-starter. How can they expect something like a calling/basic camera beat the sheer size of the 10″ iPad?? and for that matter Galaxy tab, might looks good but for $600 I would definitely expect more if I want to pick it up instead of the iPad. Cmon ppl.. give them some feedback…I want to see better products from the android lineup. I know theya re still catching up.. but these are real products on the market and nobody gets benefitted if all of the money poured into developing them goes dud.. just on Price..Duh!!

  • Mike Wong

    I would only purchase it if it’s about $300 (without contract). It’s just way too expensive for me. I still love my Captivate…

  • Turtle

    $400 easy i could pay, but $600? way too much. I’m annoyingly waiting and hoping that the price will drop, think these prices will lower when the newer models come out?…then again I’ll probably want the newer model. ha!