Eric Schmidt Shows Nexus S; Gingerbread Coming “In The Next Few Weeks”

It was rumored that Google CEO Eric Schmidt would bring us some Gingerbread news at his Web 2.0 Summit appearance today. Well, sure enough, Android 2.3 made an appearance. Not only did we see Samsung’s “mystery device,” but we also learned a bit more about it. Schmidt even jokingly said that he told us there wouldn’t be a Nexus 2. However, that doesn’t mean a Nexus S is out of the question, now does it? At least he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

Schmidt went ahead and showed off the device’s capability to read NFC chips. This opens up a whole new world of functionality. Soon, it will be possible to swipe your phone in front of a sensor and pay through your method of choice. The idea is a very exciting one and is sure to tempt non-tech savvy users into the world of smartphones.

We also got a slight glimpse of the Gingerbread UI. The previously leaked images are definitely spot on. Schmidt said in passing that Gingerbread would be coming to the public “in the next few weeks.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like an SDK launch is happening today. I guess the wait continues.

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  1. Josh
    November 15, 18:44 Reply

    Phone looks good, Im hoping that the roms for this thing will work for the Galaxy S. I would love to have a vanilla Android build that gets updated like the Nexus One..

  2. Wonil
    November 15, 19:51 Reply

    I’m just happy it is thinner than the iPhone 4:

    And @Josh — don’t be so sure it’ll work for the Galaxy S phones. According to that post and AndroidAndMe’s Taylor Wimberly, it might be DUAL FREAKING CORE. That would make the build incompatible with the Hummingbird processor (most likely).

  3. Steve
    November 18, 05:56 Reply

    Nexus One price is much higher than price of any other smarthphones having similar hardware. On the other hand Galaxy S has really powerfull internals but the price is quite good. I wonder which scenario is more likely for Nexus S. If they’re going to allow to sell it also by third parties the price might drop a bit.

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