HTC submits trademark for “EVO shift 4G”

It appears as though HTC has gone the route of a series of branded phone lines to help users want their phones. We’ve got the Desire and the Desire HD, The Mytouch line, the HD2/7, and now it appears HTC is looking to grow the EVO into a line with their latest trademark submission requesting TM on the name EVO shift 4G.

One of the first scary things that comes to mind when I saw this sentence was the 2007 HTC Shift. Weird little gadget that didn’t get a lot of love, but if you bring it forward to today and hook it up with some modern love and some Android 2.3 or 3.0, and you could be looking at a really unique mid/tablet coming our way. While that thought is cool, it’s probably just a phone.

The submission has generated more than a little speculation regarding the device. Why shift? Will it have a keyboard, or a micro surround sound system? Will it have a gear shifter to toggle into 4G? While it could certainly go to any of the carriers currently claiming 4G, my guess is this is a Sprint phone.  Who knows. For right now, it seems this will be the next generation of the EVO.

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  1. Mark
    December 03, 00:00 Reply

    Is it worth buying a Evo now or wait for the Evo Shift 4G?? Any idea when the Evo Shift will hit the market? Thank you for your consideration.

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