LG Steps up to the Plate Again with VZW “Vortex”

The list of Android smartphone that didn’t really make the bill seems to be increasing at a much slower rate recently. The hardware manufacturers have all had a little time in the field, and their experience is bringing them to release either what they consider to be THE device, or a device that is suited for specific markets of people. After all, if Android taught us anything it’s that we dont want one device… they don’t work for everyone.

LG seems to be one of the ones who was affected most by this. Their ENv line of feature phones have enjoyed immense popularity on Verizon, though their first Android smartphone was a disappointment in several respects. This didn’t even slow them down, however, as LG bounced back with their new Optimus line on Sprint and T-Mobile, and now are back at Verizon with the Vortex.

The Vortex is very similar to the Optimus line, in that they are the ideal transitional smartphone. What does that mean, exactly? Simply put, everyone makes more money when the user goes from the feature phone to the smartphone, but THE device is often a little too much phone (or money) for that transitional user. These low end Android phone’s aren’t anything to shrug at either. Like the Optimus phones, the 3.2″ Vortex is an Android 2.2 device with impressive media capabilities, including DivX support.

It’s not a superphone by any means. It’s a smartphone, and at $79.99 on contract, it’s one of the best starter smartphones I have seen yet. Hit the button for the official press release!

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