Priceline Brings Hotel Negotiator to Android

Keep a close eye on your Android phone.  We’re not trying to scare anyone here but William Shatner is lurking about. has just announced that they’ve released Hotel Negotiator for all Android handsets .  The free application lets users bid on hotel rooms based on star levels, popularity, and proximity as well as same day room booking up until 11:00 PM EST.  Designed for folks who need to grab a room for the night, Hotel Negotiator helps with handy, mobile ratings, pictures, satisfaction scores, and more.

Features include:

  • Winning Bids recommendations.  Choose a city and Hotel Negotiator displays multiple recent winning bids made by other customers for hotels in different parts of the city at different star levels.
  • Shake-Down geo-locator-triggered hotel search.  Shaking the device establishes your location using location-based features and then performs a Winning Bids search for hotels in the surrounding areas.
  • Instant Bid Results.  You’ll know instantly whether your bid is accepted.  If it is, you’ll immediately receive all the details on your hotel and its location.
  • Two booking options.  If you’re using’s Name Your Own Price® hotel service, you can enter your bid using your Android.  For published-price hotel rooms, you can book the room with your device or by calling Priceline’s hotel booking specialists.

  • Awesome! I use Pricelines “Name your own price” all the time while traveling.
    I’ve gotten really fantastic deals using it.

    The Winning Bids recommendations sounds interesting, but I bet they won’t publish the lowest priced wins. Geo location features sound pretty cool though.
    I could certainly see how this would be useful if I wanted to stay an extra night in a city for a cheap 3-star hotel.

  • Observer

    right, last time I used priceline to reserve a room my credit card # was stolen by the hotel manager who went shopping online with it the same night 🙂 the funny part the credit card CS called me in the morning to confirm transactions and they didn’t even seem interested in who did what or when. On top of that I had to wait a week for the replacement card.