Pulse News Reader Goes Free

You may remember us interviewing Alphonso Labs about their slick visual newsreader called Pulse a while back on AGTN.  We recommended the app highly, because it is such a joy to use!  We even brought the guys from pulse with us to AppNation, we believed in the product so much.

There is good news for the masses today as Pulse announced to us via an email that they have gone totally free in the Android Market.  That’s right, instead of having to pay for this reader (and it was worth the price honestly), you can go download it right now for free.

I still use this reader on my newly Froyo-ed Vibrant, and love it.  Give it a search today in the Market.

  • KllrDave

    Any extras to those of us who supported the app when it was not free? Maybe no limit to the number of feeds we can have?

  • Troy
  • How about a market link or bar code?
    A search for pulse news reader doesn’t find it.

  • slbailey1

    It would be nice if it supports more than 20 feeds.

  • ironosity

    It’s called “Pulse News” in the market.

  • I’m waiting for http://www.newsmia.com to launch their android app. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • With Pulse’s announcement today, the news reader is category is clearly heating up. What is interesting to note are the different approaches:

    -Pulse has put a nice front end on a traditional RSS reader. While the user experience is good, the user has to manage sources which can lead to information overload and the discoverability of great content outside of your usual RSS feeds is low.

    -The other approach is my startup, YourVersion http://YourVersion.com which focuses on topic based discovery (vs. source specific like RSS). With YourVersion we bring you the latest, relevant content tailored to your specific interests. There is no need to manage sources — YourVersion does all the heavy lifting to bring you the best of the web by your specific interest. In addition to the website we have free iPad, iPhone and Android apps to discover on-the-go.

  • I am going to try both Pulse News and Your Version. Your Version website currently errors when I try to login via Facebook.

  • “your” = YourVersion.com in my comment above.

  • Or not. 🙂