Rumor: Motorola’s 7-Inch MOTOPAD to Launch with Android 3.0

We don’t even have an announcement for Android 2.3 yet we’re already hearing about Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’.  According to a tweet from mobile-review (Eldar Murtazin), Motorola is prepping their first tablet, the 7-inch MOTOPAD with Android 3.0 under the hood.  Wow, MOTOPAD.  Didn’t see that name coming.  It could very well be that Samsung gets to debut Android 2.3 and Motorola gets dibs on 3.0 when it’s unveiled.  More on the tablet and Android 3.0 details as we can grab them.

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  1. Michal
    November 15, 10:37 Reply

    Where are the normal sized tabs?

    • Cint
      November 15, 10:58 Reply

      Dude! Try the mobility of 7’ and you will never go back to 10’+. I have both.

  2. cmlewan
    November 15, 10:52 Reply

    I still think that Gingerbread will be 3.0.

  3. Epicanis
    November 15, 11:10 Reply

    How much “MOTOBLUR™” will be embedded in it?

    Seriously, after being a CLIQ™ victim, it’s unlikely I’ll ever buy another Motorola Mobility Inc. product ever again.

    • rootblock
      November 15, 18:22 Reply

      I’m being screwed with the Moto Milestone in Canada. While the US Droid 1 (with the same hardware) got Froyo last summer, Moto’s update chart claims the Milestone’s update will come in Canada in FEBRUARY.

      This is STOCK ANDROID.

      All you HTC/Sense and Samsung/Touchwiz etc users waiting for your updates longer than planned due to the skin that’s on top of Android, may make sense. But as far as I’m concerned, us Milestone owners should have received or should have been given manual update methods the second the Droid 1 did.

      Hello Moto, and goodbye forever.

  4. jdog25
    November 15, 11:25 Reply

    I don’t know why nobody has thought about this but there is no way that Google will let the first Honeycomb tablet have a skin. Also when the Nexus One came out Andy Rubin said that it was possible that other manufacturers other than HTC could make Google devices like the Nexus. Just recently we saw the Nexus S so its not hard to believe that Moto is making a stock Android tablet for Google. All I got to say is that if it arrives on Verizon I better not see Bing pre-installed.

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