Sharp’s 3D Android Smartphone in Action


The 3D craze has made it’s way to Android, as we reported it would a short time ago here on Android Guys.  The above video was taken from a Gizmodo article about the new Sharp 3D Android Handset, called the Lynx 3D, or the 003SH.

The video does not do the 3D justice, but the unit creates 3D images on the fly with the touch of a button, so that you can see them with your naked eye, which means no need for silly 3D glasses.

The video pretty much says it all about the handset.  I am intrigued to be sure about the possibility of 3D devices, but the question remains on the production of actual 3D content, since the content that comes installed on the device is going to get tired pretty quickly.  We are hoping to get an eyeball on this unit at CES, look for more info then if we do.

  • RidoKilos

    Does anyone know who developed the 3D screen on the Nintendo 3DS??

    I smell lawsuits…

    • Its Sharp too… its the same technology…

      • Ridokilos

        I was really hoping to hear that. God knows we don’t need to hear about another lawsuit…